Monday, April 4, 2011

Time Is Of Essence

There are posts and there are posts.

There is this post that is trying to decipher the codes of life, and this post that's drawing a picture.

This post is trying to solve a murder mystery.

This post was woven out of threads of fiction, and this post was plucked from the ethereality of Zen. There is also this post about the 'H' word.

Not forgetting this post that is brimming with parental love.

And there's even a post about Entrecards in the old days, and a few on how I used to thank my top droppers back then.

There are so many posts here, each and every one my favourite. And each and every one is, ahem, worth a visit.

But this post is here because of my last post, which if read on any other day than the day it was published, would be less relevant.

This post is here to banish my last post into the posts of the past.

And it gives me a chance to hard-sell my older posts. Buying?



Good versus Evil said...

Are old posts like old girlfriends...revisit them, or bury them in the past?

Possibly a little of both, humm?


Buzzing J said...

yes, i guess a little bit of both. still pretty, revisit. old and ugly, bury. ;-)

san ling said...

Great stuff!!! Pls visit me at & leave me your thoughts...Cheerios!!!


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