Saturday, May 9, 2009

Who Dunnit?

Who killed Noi Taripsni? My beloved Noi Taripsni.

She was by my side the whole day until now. She was whispering into my ears when I woke up this morning. I was smiling all the time during breakfast when she was being funny. On the drive to work, she did the same thing and, with amusement other drivers were staring at me laughing in my car. While I was working, she gave an arousing performance for me and I was grinning sheepishly when no one was watching. I got all excited by her suggestive tease on the way home. I hurried through dinner, impatient for the much anticipated gratifying time I'll be enjoying. But, just when I need her the most, she's gone. Like a puff of smoke, vanished. Dead ...

I was left stranded. Fuming - after all the anticipation and waits, who took her away from me?

Eugitaf is the first name that come to my mind.

I didn't realize he was near until I found her gone. Suddenly, I feel his overbearing presence pressing against me, forcing his way onto me. Little by little, he invaded my mind and my body. I feel helpless.

But I only have myself to blame. Indirectly, I opened the door for him. Actually, I would have no way to resist, not after a hard day spent with his best friend - Krow.

Krow and Eugitaf go hand in hand, like nights follow days and the moon follows the sun. Stay with Krow long enough, Eugitaf will start haunting you, like a jealous lover. There's no escape. To different people, Krow appears in different shapes and sizes. But it isn't Krow that we are interested in, although there is no way to avoid him to get to our target - his attractive daughter - Yenom.

I've been courting Yenom all my life since I lost my innocence regarding how this world spins, and what it spins around. I can't get enough of her, although that's partly due to my own incapability. The more she teases, the more I yearn for her. The more I lust for her, the more I'll approach her father. The more I befriend her father, the more often I'll have the company of the major killjoy - Eugitaf.

However, Eugitaf has a less criminal intention against me, undesirable none the less. Especially on nights when I have special plans.

As he plays his trick on me, I start to weaken. My wall of defense crumbles bits by bits. The erotic tune he's playing into my ears is starting to have its intended effect. I'm slowly staggering towards the arms of his seductive mistress - Peels.

As she exposes herself piece by piece, I find myself drawn closer and closer towards her, like a moth to a fire. I know what she can do. The satisfaction she gives while I'm within her hold, I yearn. I know that after a night spent with her, I will be a new man, fully recharged to face another day. But on a night like tonight, I'll try to resist the temptation, as long as I can.

As the night goes deeper, I finally surrender, perhaps I had always known I would. I was staring at a blank screen anyway, regretting not taking notes when I have the chance. I'm going to throw in the towel and throw myself into her arms, giving myself unreservedly to her.

But before I go the way of the land of dreams and leave the land of creativity fulfillment, the question is still burning in my mind.

Could the real killer be Eugitaf? Or could it be S Senizal? Or maybe I never have her with me, and I was fooling myself all these times? Maybe she's just a dream I willingly let myself yield into? No, dream comes true. A fantasy, maybe?

But whoever it is, I guess the cause is less important than the consequence - I lost my Noi Taripsni tonight.

The name is insignificant. Read it forward or backward, it's still just a name.

After all, my Noi Taripsni will come alive again tomorrow and it'll be a brand new day.



Shelly said...

OMG! I have to say that that is one of the best posts I have ever anyone. I sometimes stop readin longer posts, not because they are boring, but because I have so much to do (or so I think) that I almost feel guilty sticking around and reading. I could not stop. I think Noi Taripsni was right by your side.
Awesome Post!

Buzzing J said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you ...

for saving the day.

After 2 days of "0 comments", I was going to give my Noi Taripsni a good kick in the butt for her "brilliant idea"; and a good kick in my butt, if that's even possible, for buying into her sweet talks.

Again, Thank You! Or should I say, Knaht Uoy!!


Insanely Chay is.... said...

Always love reading your post.

Anonymous said...

Oh! It's inspiration! Good one! Excellent piece!

Kikit said...

Hey, I really love this post. Like you, I sometimes lose my Noi Taripsni. This is a must read for all bloggers.


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