Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thoughts Of Innocense

The three of them were wandering in the woods. Their thick clothing made the cold winter morning much enjoyable. The air was still, heavy with the early chill. Every breath of cold air that they drew in was released back into the atmosphere in a puff of light mist. The sky was clear, hindered in sight sparingly by the barren tree trunks that were reaching towards the blue heaven. Traces of the long winter still covered most parts of the woods. Though sporadic spots of green were starting to surface.

"Careful, Samantha!" the old man called out to his 3-years-old granddaughter who had hopped happily ahead of them. She was busy looking for small animals that were as eager as her in welcoming the arrival of a new season.

As the old man walked slowly and quietly with the little boy, he casually asked, "Jack, what is snow after it's melted?"

"Water!" the little boy answered without hesitation, proud to show what he'd learned from his parents.

The old man smiled at the answer and gave the little boy an encouraging pat on the back.

The little girl in front heard the slight outburst from her older brother and ran back towards the two of them.

"What? What? What's that, Grandpa?" she asked, with her big curious eyes looking at both of them, slightly out of breath.

The old man looked at his granddaughter fondly and reached out his hand. As they continued walking hand in hand, he repeated the question, "What's snow after it has melted, dear?"

With a smile as bright as the sunshine in a winter morning, the little girl shouted happily, "Spring!"



Mom said...

I love it!!!

Buzzing J said...

I'm glad you enjoy it. Thank you.

It's about perspective, and the angle of it ...

Jena Isle said...

That was a wise answer. Short but inspiring. Keep posting.

Buzzing J said...

Jena Isle:
Thank you for the feedback and encouragement. Much appreciated.

rainfield61 said...

interesting and pasionate. I like the conversation.

Insanely Chay is.... said...

You struck again. As always love reading your post.If I was asked that question my answer would have been water too lol.

Buzzing J said...

rainfield61, Insanly Chay:
Thanks people. For giving your feedback. Glad you enjoy the piece.

tjenarvi said...

It's cool :-)


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