Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Answers to LIFE

What is Life?

Pick up the end called "Birth", pick up the other end called "Death", and it is everything that's dangling helplessly in between.

Where is Life?

It starts at one end of a spectrum marked by the blissful happiness and stops with the unbearable pain of sadness at the other end.

When is Life?

The time between when you fall asleep out of boredom in heaven, and when you wake up in relief at the same place.

Why Life?

It's a long journey between when you step aboard and when you alight, you would need some entertainment during the journey to kill time.

Who is Life?

Your mysterious tour guide in this journey.

How's Life?

Shit as usual.



Mom said...

The answer is 42.

Doesn't everybody know that?

Buzzing J said...

Of Course!! 42!!!

How could I forget. *forehead being slapped*

Although 41.999999 is only 0.000001 away, it's a case of so near yet so far, as is 42.000001.

42, 42, 42!!!!!!!?

Errr ... 42??????

I think I'm going to have some sleepless nights now.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Good post. I like it!



Buzzing J said...

The Plastic Mancunian:
Nice having you here. And thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

along2481 said...

its a really nice post......thanks!!!

bing said...

it's that everything dangling helplessly in between that makes it hard or easy whichever we choose..

this is creative, defining life when there is really no exact definition for everybody..


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