Friday, April 1, 2011

That's It!

Enough is enough.

I’ve always used this blog to satisfy my desire to be creative, and I rarely put in any real emotions, or use this space to reveal my true self. But this post, for a change, will fill with my real-life rants and what I think of my marriage and my wife. Tsk, my wife.

I’ve been married to this woman for thirteen years. And that’s twelve years too long. The first year was great. Everyday seemed like an adventure, every moment together was filled with warmth and tingling with joy, and every night was a standing ovation for a great day. No regret.

But then things started to change.

Looking back, I do play a part in the whole situation. Back then, my business wasn’t going smoothly. But doesn’t every new business face its ups and downs? Perhaps it’s the lack of time spent together, or perhaps it was the lack of financial security, but loving glances started to mix with contempt; gentle touches started to harden with coldness; intimate conversation was turning into fights.

Perhaps I was too busy with my business, or perhaps I was still too deep in love, as the fight revolved around issues that were pettier by the days, it suddenly hit me last week. That and my finding that our savings in our joint account was left with a balance of a few thousands. At its peak, the balance in the account was at two hundred thousands. What a fool!

This woman not only took away my times, my emotions, and now my money! I should have noticed, all the expensive handbags, the expanding wardrobe, the premium gym’s membership, the vacation trips to Europe with her friends … What a fool!

Dang! Fool! I’m my wife’s Fool!

And my wife’s name is April.



Don E. Chute said...


Good One, You did it! I caught on early, as I did the same thing(AFD post) over at my place.

Don't forget to wear a stupid grin today, otherwise someone might take you for sane...


Hobbes said...

Don't joke.
For some of us, the pain is too fresh.

Anji said...

You'll be popular when she sees your post...

Nessa said...

Geez! I almost fell for it... :D

Buzzing J said...

Actually, I didn't realise it was April Fool's day until I came across your post, and almost fell for it too. *silly grin*

You know what they say about pain?

... well, I don't know. That's why I ask.

Thank you for your best wishes. :-)

Almost? Hmmm... I'll try harder next year.

Dirty Butter said...

Well, I was hooked. So relieved to see the ending, as this sort of thing does happen all too often.

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Buzzing J said...

Dirty Butter:
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I am currently in ExposeYourBlog.


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