Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Glass Of Water

What would you do when life tastes as bland as a glass of water?

Yeah, what would you do?

Hmmm ... I guess I should first ask why?


Wait ... Maybe I should first ask: "Really?"

OK. Really?

Are you sure it hasn't always been like this? Has it ever tasted anything tastier than a glass of plain water?

It sure has. Well ... it should have. Hasn't it? Otherwise, knowing how disgusted I feel right now, it would be darn amazing, no, downright miraculous that I can hang on for forty-odd years.

So, the drink offered has suddenly turned tasteless?

Actually, it's been on and off. Just that so far, the blandness would fade in times. This time round, it's been hanging around for a bit too long. So long that I feel up to the brim with nausea.

Well, taste is relative? Isn't it? Perhaps the taste of the water has always been the same, it's your perception of the taste that's changed?

My perception of the taste?

There is a possibility that the glass of water in front of you has never changed, but depending on your emotion, you would taste sweetness when you're happy, fizziness when you're excited, sourness when you're sad, bitterness when you're disappointed, and bittersweet when you're ... sad and happy at the same time, etc, etc.

That's a thought. So, my boredom towards life at the moment explains the blandness?

Well, that's a load of cow dungs! You stupid donkey!! Of course I'm bored!!! Why would I complain if I'm not.

But that does kill off the 'Really?' question.

So I guess it doesn't matter whether the water does taste bland or it's my perception that makes it so. But why?

Yeah, why?

Yeah, why ...

Hey, guess what?


I feel better already.

So bashing me made you feel better?

Don't be silly. I think talking it out with someone did.

Glad I could be of service. But you do know that, technically, you're talking to yourself, right?

I do. Hey, as long as it helps.

We should do it again. I think you have something there on 'my perception of taste' that's worth further exploring.

In the mean time, go away ...

I'll be seeing you again. Just hope it won't be too soon.

No worries. See ya.



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