Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Doubt It!

Yes. I doubt it very much.

That you would scroll down here, to find solace, to be inspired or to seek wisdom from my writing.

But, nonetheless ...

You're probably here because you're looking for
this black and gold widget that's somewhere
around here ---------->

Since you're waiting for the "Drop" to change, care for a joke?

Know why the chicken cross the road?

To drop Entrecard!


<What is EntreCard?>

For whatever reason you're here, if you leave this blog with any impression at all, I'll be happy, very happy, if it's a smile.

And if you do take the trouble and times to scroll all the way down here,

Thank You!

And See Ya!


Life IS Tough




Life Is Tough

Yes, life IS tough.


Wipe the sweats and




Some Wise Words

If it's hot, switch the air-conditioner on;

If it's not, save some cost.

If you're bored, come read my blog;

If you're not, come read my blog, PLEASE!



Saturday, October 25, 2008

Entrecard - What Is It?

Entrecard is a thief. If you let it in, in no times at all, you’ll find your spare times disappeared.

Beware still. Just when you’ve found out its true identity, he’ll turn more tyranny – a robber.

If you do not put up your guards after the theft, you’ll see your times for your hobbies, sleeps, meals, baths, works, or even family robbed.

Whatever it is, your spouse might not like it very much, unless she/he is a blogger. Then she/he would be very happy that you introduce it into her/his life. It’ll bring visitors, readership, traffic, page views, comments and all things nice to a blogger.

So, what is Entrecard?

Simply put, it’s a way to enjoy blogging, and lose sight of all things else.

You start by registering here for free (like many things nice in the cyberworld). Then you’ll have to get an attractive widget, which looks good on any blog design, by copying and pasting its code into your blog. You’ll also have to design and create you own Entrecard, which reflects you, in whatever way you wish. Then you’re all set – to work, if you consider hopping through blogs, interesting one like this one, scrolling up and down and clicking your mouse all sweaty and tiring.

Entrecard Credit (EC) – that’s what you work for.

There are 3 ways to earn credits.

By visiting fellow Entrecarders’ blogs and dropping your card into their Entrecard widget, you’ll get a hard-earned credit. That’s the proactive way to earn a credit without any external factor. All you need are internet access, Entrecard account, and of course the all important – times.

When a fellow Entrecarder visits your blog and drops his/her card into your Entrecard widget, you’ll earn a no-sweat credit. This is the way where quality of your blog, and your way of interacting with fellow Entrecarders will help.

The third way is how you earn and also how you spend your credits – Advertising. With times, fellow Entrecarders will come knocking at your blog (and you'll go knocking on theirs) and ask to advertise their EC cards on your blog. Then you’ll begin to feel the almighty power of your mouse's click – to approve or decline. If you see fits to put the card onto your blog (whether it looks nice on your blog, or maybe the appropriateness of its blog's content), then you can approve, otherwise decline, all with one click of your mouse. From these advertisements, you will earn varying amount of credits, depending on the status of your blog within the Entrecard community.

Of course all these 3 ways work hand in hand to build up the important things to your blogs – readership and traffic.

That’s the basics of Entrecard. Of course there are tips on how to squeeze the potential out of it. That’s for other times, when I’m more qualified.

Until then, I’ll see you soon in EC Land.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

In Short


I knew the number sequence like the back of my hand, from front to back and from back to front.

Despite the dim lighting in the stale tunnel, my fingers were racing through the sequence on the lock’s keypad as fast as they could. My other idling hand was pressed against the heavy steel door, feeling its icy-cold stiffness, and futilely pushing and hoping it would somehow budge without the full string fed into the guarding digital lock.

My wall of concentration started crumbling under the rising and awe-inspiring roar echoing from the dark end of the hollow tunnel. Knowing what’s coming from the pitch darkness, I quickened the pace of my fingering, at the same time cautious to avoid entering a wrong digit.

My heart was getting frantically desperate. My fingers were starting to shake, sensing the fast approaching thunderous roar, and the resulting winds brushing forcefully against my body towards the other brightly lit opening of the tunnel.

But I knew I had to hold my nerve, for opening the door was my only way to escape from the tunnel.

As soon as I felt the moisture in the wind sticking to me fast, I knew my time was up.

Sure enough, within a single breath of frustration, I was swept away by the roaring waves of angry water, and carried helplessly towards the tunnel’s exit. As I was flushed towards the exit, I looked resignedly at the sign over the opening – Blow Your Top!

“Shut up! And sit still!” I yelled angrily to my annoying, loud, bickering kids at the back of the car.

Damn! I only had “861324983165876513587
125897547789842465432157865465” to go before opening the escape door of “Calmness”.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Step Forward. Two Steps Back?

I still have very fresh memory of the deafening ring in my ears the day my wallet yelled out of pain. It was the first time I pumped petrol after the fuel price had gone up by 78 cents per liter. Ever since, I’ve been thinking of ways and means to extract extra value from my fuel money, and cutting unnecessary expenses. And my right foot has been “molesting” less of my car’s accelerator and brake. I was this close to getting a bicycle as my mode of transport too.

During all the painful cost cutting and saving exercises, I thought there was one who’s smiling cheekily at all these self-inflicted suffering – Mother Nature. The consequential reduction of carbonic gases on the roads would probably give our children a longer while to enjoy Mother Nature in the future (not sure about the gas from the cow shit, though - hey, did you know I have a post on that subject and why I wrote that post). It’s one step pushed forward in the effort of preserving our environment.

Recently, I have to keep reminding my singing-happy wallet (if you listen carefully, you can hear “Happy Days” sung by my wallet at the background :-) ) that the recent price drops in petrol have not fully offset the initial increment. And we are no way closer to the good old days, as prices of other essential items that had gone up are not likely to come down.

Although, the manner in which the petrol price tumbled from its peak in recent times did give a false sense that the “happy days” are back. I found myself subconsciously care less about how I use my car, unlike my previous calculated-to-death planning before trips. Much like how a newly freed prisoner would inhale a few extra breathes of air of freedom, this lost-and-found extra money in the pocket might have led me to feed a few extra drops of avoidable fuel into my car.

Amid our sigh of relief, I can probably hear the sigh of helplessness from Mother Nature. As this temporary relief received from the petrol price is likely to put more vehicles back on the road. It could be two steps back, after the one step gained.

But Mother Nature is not frowning yet, because we have befriended her with another one of our man-made mechanism. And it is giving her a hand on her desire to let our children enjoy her company longer – the “Financial Crisis”.

ps. Ever notice how the less we consume, the more time our children get to spend with Mother Nature in the future?

Did you know?

The distance from the Earth to the Moon is 384,403 km, about thirty times the diameter of the Earth.

<Why this is here>


Saturday, October 11, 2008


What a load of shit!

I can hear you hiss.

Thirty odd years taken it did,

For me to come up with this first ever, and totally unexpected,


So I'd probably not care about your hiss.

Although, I was never so full of it.

I myself was so shocked, I had to sit.

So, pardon my self-indulgence, please.

For I’m going to let it sit,

Perhaps, for a few more weeks.

If you please, do give it another read.

It’s really my “masterpiece” ......

Holy Shit!

Is this another poetic piece?

Is it?

Isn't it?

Oh, to whom I want to cheat.

It’s probably just another “shit”.

Much like the previous piece,


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Smile

She smiles.

Her silky greens glitter under the gentle morning sunshine.

She dances, swaying to the intermittent rushes and whistling of the winds.

I smile back.

At once, the string that’s been tightening around my heart loosens.

And thus let loose of all tension from my body.

For a brief moment I know not where I am and what I am chasing.

I know I’m smiling.

For a while, that's all I'm doing.

The blaring horn from the car behind cut short of my reverie.

The light had already turned from red to green.

I bid farewell to the carefree little tree on the dividing curb.

I’ve seen her thousands times on my way to work every morning.

As I shift my gear into Drive and step on the accelerator, colors of the road ahead suddenly take on a soothing shade.

All thanks to a smile.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

You In Here?

Is 8 enough?

My head turned, amazed by the statement. It caught my attention, which was scanning around the bustling place.

The unceasing rumbling sounds from below the floor could not deny the audibility of the utterance. I knew that section where the statement came from was occupied by mothers, working or staying-at-home, who were talking about how it was hip2BMom, as well as their joy and frustration as mothers.

8! That’s a pretty impressive number when it was associated to motherhood. I guess that’s why amid the noises, that statement came across louder than it was. That’s one super-mom.

As they continue their admiration and discussion regarding the super number, I turned my attention to a couple, seated not far from me.

Life is simple. I want it to be simple. Don’t make it difficult for us,” the young lady said.

“I know, I know. And I’m not trying to make it difficult for us. But there are so many wonderful things out there waiting for us to explore. While I don’t intend to spend my whole life exploring, I do intend to make my life as fulfilling as possible. It’ll add colors to our life. But without you, those wonderful things don’t mean shit. C’mon, I really need you. Whaddyasay? This road of colorful life, iWalk, U2?” the young man pleaded.

Tears welling up in her eyes, the young lady silently nodded with a smile.

Ahh … symphony of love. I guess it would not be complete without a few verses on hurdles to be overcome, mountains to be climbed or seas to be crossed.

As my mind was swimming in the sea of love, the aroma that stimulated my sense of smell lured my attention to another group of people.

Foodarrific!” one of them shouted, obviously satisfied by the mouth-watering dishes in front of them. Pasta, seafood, tofu, poultry, vegetables, and even street food, were all beautifully presented.

I smiled, remembering how I explained to my children why Tigger would say "tiggerrific", instead of terrific, during one of our bedtime story session.

As the train drew closer to its stop, I grabbed my bags of thoughts, ramblings, fuzzes and buzzes and walked towards the door. Looking back at the lively crowd, I raised my camera and take one more snapshot of this memorable journey, lest my absent mind would wipe off its presence in my memory board.

As I alighted the train, I was trying to capture whatever came to my mind in words to describe my enjoyable journey before the sun set - that’s when my next train will arrive.

As I waved goodbye to the train of September EC Droppers, from afar, I could already see the smoke puffing out from the October EC Train slowly approaching the station .

As the train finally grinded to a halt, and huffed its last puff before a well-earned rest, I picked up all my bags and prepared to step onto the train. As I was minding my steps up the train, it suddenly dawned on me what I wanted to say regarding my previous journey.

I jumped off the train, looked the direction of the departing September EC Train and waved frantically.

“Thank you!” I shouted.

As the September Train disappears into the horizon, my heart is filled with gratitude to all the passengers who had spent times on my journey, especially the Top EC Droppers.

Thank you!

With excitement, I board my October EC Train and look forward to another enjoyable journey.

(August Note)


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