Friday, July 25, 2008

Reading My Blog?

My heart suddenly skipped a beat. I felt an unfamiliar sense of funny tickling inside me.

“I left something in the car. You guys go ahead and get a table,” I told my wife. I turned around and walked towards my car, parked outside the café.

I opened the door, reached for the glove compartment, opened and closed it without taking anything. Then I headed towards the café again. Before I passed the table where I decided to turn around, I made sure I was slow enough to confirm what I’d just seen – a laptop screening the familiar picture of “Piece of Brick for Piece of Jade”!

Oh ... My ... God!

As the café offered free wireless internet connection, there were a few laptops scattering around the place. Hopeful and wishfully, I deliberately took a longer and curvier route towards my wife and kids, intending to pass every table that had a laptop on it. As I strolled slowly, my heartbeat was getting faster, not sure what to expect.

I went around a middle-aged guy who was staring thoughtfully at a screen, eyebrow locked, and fingers resting on the keyboard. I saw the screen was at the comment page of “What is LIFE?”. “Yes!” I cheered silently, almost swung my fist.

Then I walked pass a group of giggling teenagers around a laptop, I noticed “Wordless Wednesday” and my avatar on the screen. They were discussing what to post as a comment. I smiled. This was getting unreal.

I turned and notice the page on “Waking Up” facing a lady, sitting still at the nearby table. I softened my steps on the wooden floor, as I could almost sense the intense reading from the back of the lady. “Yeah!” I yelled in my thought.

Two tables later, I saw a guy reading “The Widest Smile” on his laptop. He stared at me when he noticed that I was studying his reaction reading the screen. I smiled back. I suddenly felt a tickle within me, and my mouth cracked into the biggest smile. My fists were pumping rapid-fire style, with the tiniest movement.

As I was heading towards my family, I noticed an irritated face in front of another laptop. I made another u-turn and walked towards the table. Ah … “Who do we need?” my rare political post. The guy was probably on the other side of the fence. By then, I had almost burst into laughter, snapped my finger, jumped up and raised my hand for a high-5 with the Blogging God.

“I have to go to the toilet,” I told my wife, who’s bemused by my facial expression, twisted by attempts to suppress a laughter. After I entered the toilets, I looked at the mirror. The most handsome man in the world with the biggest smile on his face was looking at me from the other side of the mirror.

"Hehehehehe …” the smile’s finally transformed into giggles. I’ve never felt so happy, and funny, as the faces of those people reading my blog flashed through my mind.

“Hahahahaha …” the giggles erupted into laughter. The reflection of the bewildered look on the guy coming out from the cubicle behind me made me laugh even harder. Tears were beginning to flow down my cheek.

“Wahahahaha….” then I was laughing so hard that my tears of joy were beginning to be joined by my saliva of happiness dripping from the corner of my mouth.

“Wohohohoho…” amidst the unstoppable laughter, my hands began to shake uncontrollably. Suddenly …

“Dear, what do you want for drink?” my wife asks, shaking my hand.

Then I wake up ...



The Fearless Blog said...


I have not had one of those dreams yet, but I can see why you did. You know what they say...if you dream it...they "will" come! Great post buzzingj.

Johnny Ong said...

the other day i saw ppl reviewing my blog ...... trying to give a rating on it and they were heaping praises on my blog - this is my dream ...... hehe

LadyJava said...

Just dropping by from EC..

This was hilarious.. Thanks for the laugh!! lolzz!!

Ken Armstrong said...

One evening I had a play on the radio while my wife was waiting to play tennis with someone.

The 'someone' turned up and said:

"Sorry I'm late, I was listening to such a good play on the radio that I had to pull in to hear the end."

That's the closest I've ever come to your dream - it'll never happen again, I think :)

Nice nice post.

Sweet Jasmine said...

What a nice dream....dream on to make it come true ^_^

Marie said...

LOL! You sure got my attention! Your writing style is easy to read and really grabs your reader's attention (it worked on me anyway!). Keep it up and I'm sure you will be living your dream :)

QuaChee said...

make it happen - it can :) nice dream!

Jennifer said...

Yes, quite a dream! Though I would be a bit freaked out if everyone was reading my blog ...

iWalk said...

What a magic dream!
I always can't remember anything about my dream.
But I hope your dream will come true!

cube said...

lol. I've had the same dream only with my blog stuff cleverly sumperimposed upon yours. We bloggers can sound like a bunch of losers at times ;-)

BK said...

LOL!!! I was starting to believe until ... good one :P

Buzzing J said...

For whatever different dreams we all have starting our blogging, I hereby wish everyone having their dreams come true. And your kind presence and comments here certainly make my dream all the more sweeter. Thank You.


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