Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I have one too

My Stat Declaration:

I hereby declare -




There, that’s my stat declaration. Of course the middle figure could be +1 or +2 after a heavy lunch or dinner. No-lah, this is not the retractable one - statutory declaration - that’s the declaration of my vital statistics.


Sorry-lah, just trying to catch up on the current in-jokes of the country. Although, if I’m funny enough, I would also write something on the other butt of joke too - "ymodos" (it’s not a typo, just like it suggests, it has to be read from behind).



Johnny Ong said...

heard that u will also be going to an ASEAN country for a holiday.

Buzzing J said...

Eh, how do you know-ah?

Actually, right before that, I was trying to seek refuge in one of the embassies.


Bengbeng said...

when u going to an Asean country for a holiday? u related to Balasubramanium or something huh? :)


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