Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday



Buzzing J said...

Well ... "Wordless" means no word, right? And it's a Wednesday, isn't it?

Anyway, I came across this word - "word-square" - while I was trying to confirm the meaning of "wordless" in Oxford dictionary.

"word-squre": a set of words of equal length written one under another to read the same down as across. eg. too, old, ode.

Clever, isn't it? Must say, the creativity of the guy who thought of this ingenuity, the far-reaching vision of him and the popularity of his "creation", to be included in the dictionary, and not just any dictionary (OXFORD DICTIONARY!), the strength of his vacabulary, and, of course, the abundance of time he had on his hand to kill, it's just so, so, so, so, so ... I'm wordless.

:) Hahahahahahaha

Enjoy my "500-spaces" essay, I've rewritten it 6 times to get it right!

:) Hehehehehehehe

3POINT8 said...

LOL! you had an explaination within a blogpost?
This is smething new I've never come across before.
Great job man! your wordless article -> thumbs up!

Johnny Ong said...

waaaaaaaaaah like this also can ah?

QuaChee said...

this is like an artist-blogger impression haha

Buzzing J said...

To Everyone: Thousands sincere apologies to the genuine Wordless Wednesday bloggers, that is, if you’ve ever stopped by and read this post. Just trying to be funny here.

But, seriously, if you stare at the blanks (with no words) long enough, you’ll see something out of nothing. Much like how you can see different things from the same cloud in the sky. Seriously.


Outside My Brain said...



That is one of the funniest posts I have never seen.


I'm snorting, I'm laughing so hard... and then your explanation makes it even funnier!

Way to go, my friend!

The really funny part was, I took your advice and stared at the blank space and all I could see were the spots on my computer screen. WHA?

LOL!LOL!LOL! - Which means, of course, the picture I see, is totally different from everyone elses. Talk about something in nothing! I guess its time to clean the screen.


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