Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wondering Wednesday

Have you ever wondered:

Why halfway through brushing your teeth in the morning, you turn to the mirror, and you realize, for a split second, you have no idea who the person looking back at you in the mirror is?

If we "are” who we are, why do we need to “boot up” our memory, from a total blankness of white, to recognize the person in the mirror??

Are we who we are, or just the person configured by “our memory”???

Maybe that’s how they started the Matrix movies????


Atniz said...

You are so funny... Sometime, you post the smallest post ever on web or weirdest post.

Normally, I heard Wordless Wednesday and I'm a part of this group. Never heard on Wondering Wednesday..

The story of man in the mirror and bringing Matrix inside here.. lolz..

This Brazen Teacher said...

I'm so happy you verbalized this- because it happens to me all the time. Another thing I wonder if others do...

I will be driving in my hometown or somewhere I've been hundreds of times, and for a split second, I will feel like I'm on an alien planet. Out of nowhere. Have no idea where I am.


eastcoastlife said...

After a certain age, you don't recognise your face anymore. Why ah?

Buzzing J said...

Glad you enjoyed it.

this brazen teacher:
It's OK to feel like you're on an alien planet while you're driving, just make sure you know you're not driving a spaceship. :)

Simple! In our heart, we're forever young and beautiful. Who'd want to admit that the old, ugly faces in the mirror are actually us? :)


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