Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wondering Wednesday

Have you ever wondered:

Why TIME is the greatest healer of emotional wounds?

Did the wounds heal by TIME at all?

When the wounds on our skin heal, there’ll be no trace of the once bloodied opening. A wound in our hearts? Does it ever disappear, like a puff of smoke?

Being an unpleasant incident that happened in the timeline of our lives, can we make it disappear? By turning back the time?

If we can’t turn back the clock, what would happen to the wound?


Perhaps the wounds do get healed. Or patched up? Maybe not by TIME? Maybe by our tendency to FORGET? And maybe by our ability to LAUGH at ourselves?

So, why are we giving credits to TIME??


The Fearless Blog said...

The human brain, soul and spirit serve the human being well...don't they my friend...

Perhaps "Time" is master and "Forget" and "Laugh" its attentive and dedicated servants? Great post!

winona said... tell you honestly, I alwasy believe that time is all we need, besides human is generally 'grow' right ? but the idea of our ability to laugh at ourself is a great solution :D

greetings, thx for dropping by :)

Marie said...

I certainly believe that time helps to heal wounds but you don't forget what had happened. It's like if you cut yourself deeply, your skin will heal but you will be left with a scar to remind you that once you cut that part of your skin.

I guess if you learn to forgive yourself and others and certainly having a good laugh with those you care about...time will feel like it has helped to heal that wound and burden you were once carrying.

Buzzing J said...

OR, perhaps the abilities to forget and to laugh are parts of human being’s evolution towards survival, or away from self-destruction. Thank you all for sharing.


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