Friday, July 4, 2008


I think there is nothing more distressful than your “ex-“ fighting with your “current”. Especially when they’re swearing, pointing fingers at each other, pulling each other’s hair, and throwing shoes at each other. To add more spices to the pandemonium, both are involved in allegation of extra-marital affairs.

But the sad part is, both are probably in line to be our next Prime Minister, via different route. Aren’t we lucky! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the “Showdown” has begun! In one corner - our ex-DPM (Deputy Prime Minister), in the other corner - our current DPM.

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As I watch the dramatic events being unfolded amidst sometimes comedic, and laughable twists and turns, I’m not exactly sure how to feel.

As a citizen facing daily problems of rising cost of food and fuel, should I be upset at the distraction? Or should I be thankful that they are providing entertainment in these times of hardship?

As a Malaysian, should I feel shames? Hmm… probably nobody knows where Malaysia is anyway, right? In that case, can I quietly enjoy the show? After all, EPL football season is yet to start.

In the mean times, I will also be watching with great interest on transfer news. No, not footballers, our MPs.

Did I say “distressful”? I probably meant “entertaining”. Join me?


Johnny Ong said...

i'm fed up with the all the stat declaration issue. the govt is not concentrating on the economy crisis but more concerned with their respective govt positions

Lian said...

Almost as entertaining as watching my little kids fight.

Lena T said...

i don't have the slightest interest in politics but this is so interesting, it's like watching a circus.

Buzzing J said...

Johnny Ong:
Agreed. Know how you feel.

With the kids, at least you can spank them if they've gone overboard. :)

Lena T:
With circus, you can laugh whole-heartedly if it's funny. In this case, it's funny, and we'll be laughing too, but probably without much joy.


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