Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Top 10

The musical notes dancing to the tune Symphony of Love fill the room. The room I call The Orange Derange Lab. Deranged, by the countless futile attempts to convert picture in my mind into words. Deranged, by the lack of comments received from my hard work. Deranged, by the difficulty experienced in trying to meet my self-imposed dateline. Yet, I'm sitting here. It's the place where I live my so-called blogging life.

I stare blankly at the screen in front of me, while my mind is toiling away trying to tear down the fortress that's guarding my writing muse to get the task done. Toil as I may, the mesmerizing melody of the Symphony circling in the air leads me to a separate trail, away from the task at hand …

“With moments of our lives being shared amongst us through these virtual connection, around the globe, is Friend FurEver a far-fetched dream? We’re probably sharing thoughts that we’ve never thought of sharing with another soul …”

However fondly my absent mind follows down the heart-warming path of friendship, the glaring screen in front of me serves as a loud reminder of my unfinished task. The experience from the up, down and sometimes insane world of freelance writing has served me adequately, just, in the past, but this … though technically easy, is far from a stroll in the park.

Not one who shies away from difficult path, focused, confident, and fearless, down the road to victory, iWalk, U2?

Now that August’s passed and September just starting, the clock ticking non-stop, indifferent to all who beg for her to stop or slow down, it’s best for me to stay focus on the task in front.

Now, how, how do I put “Life with Kim into this thank you notes for my top 10 Entrecard droppers in the month of August? How indeed …

Any idea?


Kim said...

that was really neat the way you did this! Thanks for the link!

Acakadut said...

wow, this the most creative top droppers link love i've ever seen so far :)

keep up the good blog. 1 spot for me next month ;)

J. C. said...

Very nice, great idea to thank your top droppers.

The Fearless Blog said...

What a fantastically creative way to honor your EC droppers. Very, very unique indeed. I love your writing style so much that I hope to model it in the future as I too mention my top droppers. Great post Buzzingj and thank you for the mention. I so enjoy my visits to you blog. In fact, sometimes I can "hear" you as I read your words. :-)

Jennifer said...

Very clever -- and much more interesting than a list of links!

Furkidsmom said...

That was super! Thanks for the link!

BK said...

What a creative way of linking your top 10 droppers! :)

Thank you for the link. :)

Buzzing J said...

Thank you all for expressing your liking to the idea.

Though I can't claim the originality of the idea. Who, in the period of their hot-blooded youth hadn't given a tape to his/her object of affection and asked her/him to read the titles of the songs 'cos they mean something? I haven't.

Fearless, the fact that there is someone, or anyone, who would think this is good enough to follow makes me very happy. In fact, coming from you, it would be the greatest achievement of my life!

Acakadut, hmm ... I like a good challenge when I see one. You know what to do to get a mention for next month, right?

Thanks again to everyone for dropping by. Much, much appreciated.


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