Saturday, October 11, 2008


What a load of shit!

I can hear you hiss.

Thirty odd years taken it did,

For me to come up with this first ever, and totally unexpected,


So I'd probably not care about your hiss.

Although, I was never so full of it.

I myself was so shocked, I had to sit.

So, pardon my self-indulgence, please.

For I’m going to let it sit,

Perhaps, for a few more weeks.

If you please, do give it another read.

It’s really my “masterpiece” ......

Holy Shit!

Is this another poetic piece?

Is it?

Isn't it?

Oh, to whom I want to cheat.

It’s probably just another “shit”.

Much like the previous piece,


1 comment:

EastCoastLife said...

Wahhh! You got the ink, man!
Can write poetry some more. :)


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