Sunday, October 19, 2008

In Short


I knew the number sequence like the back of my hand, from front to back and from back to front.

Despite the dim lighting in the stale tunnel, my fingers were racing through the sequence on the lock’s keypad as fast as they could. My other idling hand was pressed against the heavy steel door, feeling its icy-cold stiffness, and futilely pushing and hoping it would somehow budge without the full string fed into the guarding digital lock.

My wall of concentration started crumbling under the rising and awe-inspiring roar echoing from the dark end of the hollow tunnel. Knowing what’s coming from the pitch darkness, I quickened the pace of my fingering, at the same time cautious to avoid entering a wrong digit.

My heart was getting frantically desperate. My fingers were starting to shake, sensing the fast approaching thunderous roar, and the resulting winds brushing forcefully against my body towards the other brightly lit opening of the tunnel.

But I knew I had to hold my nerve, for opening the door was my only way to escape from the tunnel.

As soon as I felt the moisture in the wind sticking to me fast, I knew my time was up.

Sure enough, within a single breath of frustration, I was swept away by the roaring waves of angry water, and carried helplessly towards the tunnel’s exit. As I was flushed towards the exit, I looked resignedly at the sign over the opening – Blow Your Top!

“Shut up! And sit still!” I yelled angrily to my annoying, loud, bickering kids at the back of the car.

Damn! I only had “861324983165876513587
125897547789842465432157865465” to go before opening the escape door of “Calmness”.



Sweet Jasmine said...

Very nice piece of held back patience....

cube said...

For a nanosecond I you were extolling the virtues of pi.


Calmness is good too.

Anonymous said...

It was value of pi????

was'nt it???

Anonymous said...

It was value of pi????

was'nt it???

KentuckyGal said...

Somewhere way before that I'd have thought, "Wait a minute, where's the 10? Isn't counting to ten supposed to calm you down?" :) *lol*


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