Thursday, June 12, 2008


The grass might be greener on the other side. But if I can’t drink a drop of milk from cows grazing on them, it’s just a pretty picture.

The whale might be the biggest animal in this world. But if I can’t touch it, I won’t go “WOW!”

Aishwarya Rai could be the most beautiful woman in this world. But if she’s not right in front of me, I doubt my heart would skip a beat.

Celine Dion could be the most talented singer in the world. But if I haven’t been to any of her concerts, she’ll just be another digitally reproduced voice from my CD player.

KFC fried chicken could be finger-licking-good, but if it’s not between my fingers, I’ll hardly go and lick my fingers.

The petrol price might have gone up 78 cents. But if I’m not pumping any into my car, it doesn’t hurt.

Until today … OUCH!

After 7 days imagining my car to be a glider going towards a red traffic light with the gear set to neutral (and similarly while going down a slope, towards a corner, or anytimes I’m slowing down); after 7 days staring back at drivers who overtook and stared at me, while I was cruising at 50 km/h; after 7 days of passing by the bicycle shop hesitating to stop by and make a purchase; after 7 days of cursing at drivers who make me brake while my car is gliding in neutral gear; after 7 days … I was finally standing next to a petrol pump.


Err... that’s not me. It’s my wallet.



eastcoastlife said...

Ouch ouch ouch.... it's hurting more over the Causeway buddy. Living in Singapore is very the expensive .... always.

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy weekend!

3POINT8 said...

wallets doesn't have any feelings.
Dun have to feel sorry for it.

The Fearless Blog said...

Excellent commentary.

I mentioned to my husband today,how strange I felt on the freeway on my way to the office in the morning. I have noticed "almost" every car driving the speed limit or less. Here in Florida, it is odd to see such mellow drivers for me anyway. Everyone is feeling the "ouch" and for those who did not prepare for this economic mess, I worry that things are still going to get worse. For the folks overseas, I hear gas prices are even higher. What next?

Johnny Ong said...

i have 2 cars, my wife has pumped petrol for her already and i have yet to do so. reason i have exchanged cars with my sis who pumped her car full ......

havent feel the brunt yet ... hehe

Sweet Jasmine said...

OUch..!Still need the petrol to move...from house to everywhere I want to go...but happy to see less car on the road during weekends...

Buzzing J said...

ecl: with a not-so-uncomfortable alternative in the form of public transport, I guess the hike in fuel cost is still bearable over the Causeway. At least you already had what most of us are hoping for over here, a better public transport.

3POINT8: ahh... not all wallets are the same. Let me properly introduce you to my wallet: Mr 3.8, my wallet, Stingy. Careful, it bites.

Fearless Blog: Agree with your comment that things are still going to get worse. Tougher times are ahead. But is there a positive side out of all these though?

Johnny Ong: You're so lucky to have a sis like that. Envy you.

Sweet Jasmine: Fewer cars on the road is starting to be apparent. I guess it'll be more noticeable once a lot more people feels the OUCH factor.


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