Saturday, September 27, 2008


Wall-E is not that good, I thought.

And I blame it on all the reviews I read before I went to the movie.

It’s been a long while since I started to go for movies regularly. So long that I forgotten my movie-going golden rule no. 1 – do not read any review of the movie you intend to watch. Without expectation, I always find that I would be able to enjoy the movie, even if the critics say otherwise. Simple entertainment – that’s what I look for with the ticket I pay.

I only realized that I’d breached my golden rule when I was wondering why I was left a bit flat by the movie coming out of the cinema. I set my expectation too high.

Still, coming after so many CGI movies, Wall-E doesn’t seem to provide any breakthroughs.

After toys, ants, grasshoppers, cars, trucks, rats, panda, snake, praying mantis, etc were being made to walk, talk, fight, dance and suffer through emotions like us, I’d expect some ground breaking animation with robots (again I blame all the reviews I read). Apart from the angel looking Eve, I don’t think I’ll remember Wall-E for its robotic cuteness (didn’t Wall-E looks a lot like a shrunk Johnny Five?).

And when the sky, or outer space, or the outer of outer space is the limit with CGI available, I thought the storyline could be a bit more outrageously creative. I don’t think I’ll remember Wall-E for its storyline, either. But then again, this is a movie for kids. And maybe I’d already known the plot before I went into the cinema (and again, I blame those damned movie reviews).

But there was something that caught my creativity-seeking antenna when I watched the movie. I just couldn’t pinpoint it when I left.

On our drive home after the movie, as I was blaming all the reviews I read earlier, the movie’s "creative breakthrough” lurking in my mind surfaced.

Amid the music from the car radio, my kids at the back were going, “Wa, Waa, Waal, Waallll, Eeeeee,” and then, “E, Ee, Eeeev, Eeeevvee,” in their squeaky voices.

Those robotic voices of Wall-E and Eve!

That’s what I’ll remember the movie for. I can’t seem to remember any more lingering voices of any animated figures than those two.

So, at least I was satisfied in one way. But I still blame the movie reviews I read.

I’m sure after I have watched Wall-E over, and over, and over again with my kids on DVD when we get it, it’ll boost up my admiration for the film.

Oh, did I mention? My kids love the movie. And they think it’s, “G, Gr, Grrre, Grrreee, Grrreeeeaaaattt!”


AndyCR7 said...

nice review... gotta check it out.. :)

vertigonick said...

i thought it was awesome... for a movie that is lacking in dialogue ;D

EastCoastLife said...

You don't recommend watching it? I was going to watch it too after friends and their kids rave about it.

Jack Payne said...

Dialogue is a problem. Nonetheless, sounds interesting and worth watching.

Tekkaus said...

But I personally feel that it's one of the good movies. Ha =)

clair said...

Agree, I didn't care for it either but we got free tickets so I can't complain, the popcorn and air-con was great LOL.


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