Saturday, September 13, 2008


“CUT!” the director sitting at the chair behind the camera yells.

“That’s it for the day,” he announces, as a group of people clad in police uniform walk away from the set. The “blogger”, the “reporter”, and the “politician” smile at each other expressing relief as their parts are finally completed.

“Sir, the actor who plays the never-say-sorry figure’s asking whether he’s needed for the last scene,” the assistant asks the director.

“Why are you asking me this? Don’t you have a script? READ IT! And don’t forget we still need the airport props for the last scene,” the director yells angrily, while flipping through his own script.

“Hmm … the court scenes, the airport scenes, the election, the protests, the press conferences, and the arrests scenes are all done. All scenes leading to the big climax have finished according to schedule. Good,” the director reflects.

“You, get everybody and everything ready for the final shooting in three days time, OK? I don’t want any mistake. This show is going to be HUGE, ” the director turns to his assistant. The assistant nods gingerly.

As the director walks away, his mind is still playing out all possible ways of filming to ensure the finale will be as farcical as the earlier scenes …

For all the “all-too-obvious-why-it happened” events that’s been happening towards the much-awaited dateline of 916, and the ensuing “think-the-people-is-naïve” explanation of the actions, somehow, I couldn’t help but feel that when the fated day arrives, someone with a gigantic megaphone will yell out “CUT! Good show, everyone,” across Malaysia. And then, life will go on as normal for us common people.

The events that had happened and their timing are so senseless that only the “CUT!” scenario will straighten my bewildered mind. I feel that the events actually have to beg to be believed if it's real.

Won't we all feel like fools if, three days later, “CUT!” is really yelled out to all Malaysians, and we realize we’ve been taken for a ride?

But, then again, we could be bigger fools, if this is not a “show” and we’ve been taken for a real-life roller coastal ride by our politicians, whose maturity and regards to the intelligence and well-being of the common people, surely, need some serious questioning.

Is there any other way to make sense of what’s been happening?


Sweet Jasmine said...

Just hope that the whole show will end soon giving us peace of mind..

Tekkaus said...

Yes! They are causing a lot of social and political unrest. =/

Life Ramblings said...

let's all pray for a better tomorrow.

Johnny Ong said...

then it will become the biggest hoax of the century in the world


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