Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Should I or Should I Not?


That’s what I am. I am and never was politically left, right, center, up, down, front, back, in, out or anything.

The recent gibberishes in my blog regarding local political scene are results from my hyped-up, let down, excited, disappointed, confused, perplexed, and mainly upset sentiments as a citizen. Upset by the apparent manipulation of feelings by our politicians to achieve their own agenda under the guise of “people’s interest”, a thought that seems least related to their talks and actions.

If I was so unconcerned about politics, why should I let my thoughts being dragged into it in recent times? A question I’ve been asking myself lately.

Perhaps the myriad of possibilities made possible by the recent election, and the perceived thin line between hopes and realities resulting from it have awaken my political mind’s slumber. Or simply perhaps now that I started a blog, it provides me with writing materials.

Whatever the reason, my aroused political interest are slowly dampened by recent political development. The often incomprehensible walks and talks by both the government and the opposition have slowly dampened that fire, and put me back into a resigned and perhaps self-ridicule mode, maybe the only ways to endure such mind-numbing political moves.

But then again, within a basic democratic society, it’ll probably take years to change our political and social fundamentals, for better or for worse. And it doesn’t matter who’s in charge of our government. By the times all the changes start to affect me, perhaps I’ll already be a senile old man, sitting in my rocking chair at my porch, staring blankly afar and couldn't care less of what's happening around me.

So, I probably shouldn’t care anymore.

But then yet again, when I turn to the two beings under my wings, whom I value more than my own life; and when I realize that what’s happening now will affect their future, perhaps, I should care.

Indeed I would continue to be concerned.

In the mean time, before I adjust my blogging mood back to the happier writings on parenthood and all things nice, here’s one more gibberish:-


And then there’s nothing


Johnny Ong said...

probably take years to change? maybe it will go down the same hill after a number of years

The Fearless Blog said...

Funny but I share many of your same sentiments even though we are oceans apart. Might this mean that "it" is the same in every democratic country? Perhaps you and I have very high expectations of people, or perhaps we naively believe in "doing the right thing?"

When I was younger, I was totally clueless when it came to politics and now that I am older, better informed and a little more experienced...geeze I am still clueless. Similarly to you I have considered growing old and "not caring" but it just is not in me to sit and passively watch injustice and pure greed and evil sprinkle seeds all over my country. The more gray hair I collect, the feistier I become and I like it that way. I believe in Lincoln's words "a government by the people and for the people" and I will forever fight to keep it that way.

Great post my friend.


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