Saturday, December 6, 2008

Are You in My Thoughts?

There were a few questions lingering in my mind lately. Since there's not much space up there, I'll let them out before I go berserk.

Like, what should be the number of years Bush stays as President of USA?

Or, is this the best way to look after Halloween?

Or, how to stuff your face to your heart's content and still look cute and adorable?

Or, what are those unbearable noisy shouting and yelling from argument you have with your spouse?

Or, what are the anger and frustration you feel when your kids annoy you with their non-stop bickering?

Or, what should I do to prolong my life?

Or, why is making money online not like this?

Or how to cure insomnia?

Or, how would I feel if I were a gold fish, finding this outside my tank?

Or, which is worse, being a gold fish, or being a worm who woke up early and found this staring at your face?

Of course, the primary question on my mind is how to thank my November top 10 Entrecard droppers.

Any idea?

* I hope I haven't reflected anyone in an undesirable light by putting their avatars out of their intended context. If I had, please give me a buzz.

* Looking forward to another great month of Entrecard activities. See Ya!

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Shea said...

hopefully, only a couple months, and hopefully there won't be any Bushvilles

Sjeltur said...

hahaha - nice way to thank your droppers !!!

and thanx for the thanx !!


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