Thursday, December 11, 2008

The "H" Word

I've encountered a lot of expletives in my life.

Lately, they have been:

The ever courteous "Thanks!"

The encouraging "Go! Go!"

The pat-on-the-back "Alright!"

The admiring-to-the-point-of-envious "Wicked!"

The cow-boy-hat-joyous "Yeehah!"

The incredulous-yet-congratulatory "Awesome!"

And of course the wake-up-from-this-madness "300 Per Day!"

Outside of the cyber world (and the Entrecard community), and in our daily life, "Hooray!" or "Yoohoo!" serves well to accentuate the happy and joyous moments.

Nothing is more effective than "Oh My God!", or "Shit!" to catch surprises thrown our way.

"Damn!" works well to release the anger and frustration within. Though the unpolished "Fuck!" works way better in that sense. Though none would do anything to improve the situation that beckons their services.

The one trusty word that I rely and keep falling back on throughout my life in times of difficulties would be my favourite H-word -


What's yours?



attygnorris said...

The words you mentioned were once my absolute favorites--along with the "B" word. Since I've been working hard at cleaning up my language, I've found "Heck" to be my new favorite default word. It can be used in just about any situation. What... who... when... how... and why the heck? And, "OH, HECK!"


Theresa said...

I too have been known to use all of the above. But, I've been using "frak" a lot. It's still a four-letter word, and useful. My other tactic is laughter, varied by sarcasm, glee, triumph, etc.

Lilly's Life said...

Oh that was really funny! Unfortunately mine is a four letter word and it isnt Hell..

3POINT8 said...

My favourite word:

Jen said...

That was really funny. I speak like a sailor and I am not ashamed to admit it. I try to tame it down when I'm around my kids but I still think that way. Some I refuse to use, the really bad ones that happen to be derogatory, racist or misogynist, but I use the F word on a semi regular basis. I don't just throw it into my sentences without thought. I have a great appreciation for language and if you want to get your meaning across it is better if those words back a punch, if you use any too often they lose their meaning or at least impact.

Buzzing J said...


When I found my 6-years-old son uttering the word "Shit!" in the appropriate scenario, but at the inappropriate age, I switched to "Heck", and in silent mode whenever the emotion is controllable. Recently, in similar scenarios, after I'd told him "Shit!" is not exactly a nice word, my son yells "What The Heck!", though picked up not from me, but from TV. I let it be, as you said - it can be used in any situation, and it's "cleaner". Oh, What The Heck, the boy probably needs some venting too.



Tried it. Didn't work for me. 9 out of 10 times, it came out as "Flak".


Lily's Life:

Hmmm ... four letter word and it isn't Hell?

Bell? Tell? Cell? Dell? Nell? Qell????? OH, What The Hell!



Errr ... you know what the heavy version of "Errr ..." is, right?

C'mon, you know that you know ... Yup. What The Fuck!



I don't even have to speak like a sailor to be ashamed - I just speak like myself. Joking .... :)

Yes, language is a wonderful thing.

Use THE word to start your sentence, and it'll turn head and force your your intention across with more punches; put it in the middle of the sentence it'll delivery more insults; pad it at the back and ... I guess we seldom end a sentence with these words, do we?

To use these words often without losing their meaning or impact? Use the same number of these words on different people! And try not to use them on ourselves too often.


Anonymous said...

Mine - "LOL"

murderousintention said...

Mainly I go with crap - but hearing my son use "dude" over and over again is making it a 4 Letter word to me. oh and "say whhhhhhhhaaaaaat?" I don't know where he gets this at his age.

Zen Ventures said...

mine is simply DUH! - btw, thanks for posting the responses you get when you reach the response when u hit 300! Yup I'm almost to that point! ha!!! Yehaah indeed!


Sandy said...

That was a good post and I have done all those phases, I am now in the WHY? Just trying to figure out why everybody does what they do? I do seem to be clueless at this point.


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