Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Idols

“Another one?” I thought casually.

On my way to the office yesterday, I heard the radio DJ announcing that a certain TV station is trying to come up with a new “reality show”. I’m not a big fan of this genre of programming. And I regard the term as just a re-branding exercise of what TV has been offering for many years.

Probably, most people would have their own definition of “reality show”, if they ever give it another thought. But, “unscripted”, “non-professional actors”, “no pre-determined ending”, “entertaining” would be a few of them. Therefore, news, news analysis, documentaries probably don’t fall into this category. But sport event which can draw hopes and excitement, disappointment and anguish, pain and agony, nervousness and relief, and offer no pre-determined outcome should be one of them. But I found out that Wikipedia disagrees.

The reason I’m not a big fan of reality show is probably due to the lack of connection. So many times the program would put common people in uncommon situation (stranded on an island, eating spider, begging for money, …). Although on and off I will tune into the show, but I would rarely get hooked into it.

Although I’m not a big fan of these reality shows, I am participating in one, and submerge myself totally into it.

I am the star of the greatest “reality show” (to me): My Life. Can you get anymore connected? Is there any race that is more “amazing”? Is there anything that brings more “fear factors”? Is there any more life-threatening episode that you need to “survive”?

“LIFE”, as in the definition of “reality show”, means different things to different people, if they ever give it another thought. Exciting, dull, interesting, frustrating, satisfying, discontentment, hopeful, fearful, entertaining, … would be a few of them.

No matters what Life means, I always find that at times, transposing ourselves from being a participant to a spectator could give the “show” a whole different, fresh perspective, especially during one of Life more emotional episodes filled with negative feelings like fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, failure, etc. Take a deep breath, pause for a split second, and transform ourselves to be a spectator in the gallery, watching calmly onto ourselves standing in the middle of the situation, analyzing every aspect of the surrounding and its implication. Only then we’ll be able to make decisions with a mind clear of murkiness stirred up by negative thoughts. Much like how we sometimes question the decision of participants in a TV reality show, since we are shown scenes of other participants’ action and other happenings that they are not aware of.

And of course, being a “reality show”, the ending of Life could only be unscripted. But that’s a matter to be scripted by none other than ourselves.

Lastly, my Number ONE reality show for 8 years in running is ....

The Life of My Two Children!

They are my greatest Idols. I try to follow their path of adventure every single day at every stage of their competition in Life. I’ll laugh with them, cry with them, hope with them and struggle with them.

And hopefully, as their “reality shows” run into the many seasons that follow, I would turn out to be their greatest Idol. Actually, that’s not a hope, that’s my target in Life.


The Fearless Blog said...

"transform ourselves to be a spectator in the gallery, watching calmly onto ourselves standing in the middle of the situation, analyzing every aspect of the surrounding and its implication."

That would really be show. Wouldn't it? I actually do this sometimes, watch what I am watching and analyzing as if an outsider. Weird isn't it? I am glad to know I am not alone in my weirdness if we could call it that.

I always enjoy reading your posts; they are filled with depth and such unusual and unique analysis. Quite refreshing indeed.

3POINT8 said...

there are times when reality show are entertaining.
Hmmm... I rather stick with youtube.

lian said...

If only my reality show had a $1000000 prize at the end :p

Johnny Ong said...

i recognise those reality shows that really need to put up real talents and decisions to be made by judges only - america's got talent / amazing race

as for those that are based on sms votes, i have seen it and heard it. if u have a rich background, most probably u cld win it whether u qualify to win it in the 1st place

Johnny Ong said...

maybe we can link up our blogs

Buzzing J said...

The Fearless Blog: I can still remember the lightning and thunder above my head when I came across that paragraph (OK, OK, that's a bit over-sensationalised :)) while I'm browsing the book (couldn't remember which one) many years ago. But the idea to detach yourself from your own situation has been stuck in my head ever since. Although I try to do it most of the time, but sometimes it's easier said than done.

3Point8: Aiyah! How could I have left out YouTube - the reality show of all time. Give me a buzz if you're on the show, OK? Won't want to miss it. :)

Lian: Ah... some of us do get prizes at the end of the "show", money in millions, trillions, kezillions, handphones, TVs, cars, I've even seen airplanes, etc that we can use after they're burnt. :)

Johnny: So, there's some "unrealitiness" in those reality shows that involve sms voting as well?? :)


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