Saturday, May 31, 2008

Running dry

I looked to my left, a young lady in the car was nodding her head slightly, swinging her body left and right, and tapping her fingers on the wheel in rhythm. Vibrant youth. While she thought she's in the middle of a concert, the driver to my right thought he's right in the middle of Sahara Desert, using his finger to work up his nose diligently (better not look at him directly, I could catch the view from the corner of my eye). From my rear-view mirror, I could see the driver behind me trying futilely to cover his hanphone, pressed against his ear, with his palm; while resting his arm against the side panel, and moving his lips with the tiniest of movement.

Traffic jam – moments in time where hundreds of people with different feeling waiting for one common objective – MOVE!

Any buzz while sitting in the middle of the helpless immobilisation? Hmm … couldn’t feel anything.

Stepped into the workplace. Same people, same desk arrangement, same routine, same customers, same suppliers, same ... I took another look around the office. Was there anything interesting that I miss, that was sticking right in front of my nose day in and day out, and yet I didn't notice.

Hmm … nothing caught my eyes.

Munching my lunch, the train of my thought was still trying to get off the station. Trying to pick up something from all the noises of people eating, talking, and laughing around me. Lunch time – moments in time when we use our mouths for two functions, out of many, at the same time.

Lunch? Food? Surrounding? Functions of mouth? Hmm … nothing enough to start the engine.

Passed by a petrol station on the way home. Inflation came to my mind. Thought of maybe getting a bike for transport stopped by too. I could save petrol cost and exercise at the same time. 40s is probably the critical age to start looking after my body. Mid-life crisis is approaching, whatever "crisis" means. But if I could live through 100, or 120, my midlife would be 50 or 60. That would mean I’m still a youth! I could put off the health issue for another 10 years! But how do I live beyond 100??

Inflation, midlife, long life, crisis, … still nothing to cause big enough a ripple in my mind.

Once I reached home, first thing to do was to check what the kids were doing. Sat in front of the TV with them for a while before shower and dinner. After dinner, my times belongs to my kids. After squeaking all day with barely any application of inspirational oiling, the clockwork in my brain could stop for a while. Tutoring the kids on their homework, playing computer games, brushing up, reading to them, until after they went to sleep, the clockwork started again, after much huff and puff. 11 pm. Yawn … still no juice flowing from the creative pool in my brain.

Barely 3 months into my “blogging career”, already I’m facing blogger’s block. And I have yet to reach the stage and credentials where I could blog and boast about "making money with your blog"!

Hmm … what to write, what to post, was there anything interesting that I missed today, what to put in the blog, what to … zz ... zzz ... zzzzz …


Sweet Jasmine said...

Hi,Buzzing J....just blog hopping by to say hello. I love yr very visual thoughts...with a dose of humor too... care to exchange links. Drop in a word for me at my blog if want to link. Have a nice weekend.

Johnny Ong said...

compiling / writing for a fiction story??

Truthoughts said...

Hey there! I just always love your writing. I think everyone can relate to what you have said... I know that I sure can.

I love the part about the guy picking his nose, I've seen this all too often. lol

The encouraging thing for you would be that even the most mundane days that you may have are still very interesting to us because of your creative writing talent and humor.

Please keep it up, even if you don't think much of your day, we are hooked!

Your friend,
Alison :)

truthoughts said...

I found a couple of sites that can help you with writing ideas. Let me know if you like them.

For the last 2, when you are through looking at those... just click to see the future posts and it will continue with more ideas.

I just found 2 of these after my husband told me about one of them and I thought about your post.


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