Saturday, May 3, 2008

I know Andy Lau

I know Andy Lau. His real name is Lau Fook Wing. He was born on 27th of September 1961 into poverty of rural town Taipo, Hong Kong. He has 4 sisters and 1 brother. His physical data: height – 174cm; weigh – 65kg. He entered into TVB Acting Academy at the age of 18. Worked his way into stardom through acting, singing and producing. One of the TVB famous Five Tigers, and of course, one of the four Heavenly King of Hong Kong music scene …

Okay, okay … all these data was easily gathered from the Internet. BUT, but I can also recognize his hooked nose, his enchanted mouth, his manly eyebrows, his thoughtful eyes, his lined handsome face, etc. I have seen him climb walls, hold a gun (or guns), kick the bad guys’ arses, flirt with beautiful girls etc. I can even recognize his voice. I have heard him sing, talk, cough, give speech, scold, …

Okay, okay … all these can be seen or heard from his movies or songs.

Actually, I know Andy Lau, but I don’t know him personally. BUT, but I know him better than the MP I voted into Parliament.

Most of us would have seen our MP’s picture, and know about their educational, family, and political background. And we’ll get glimpse of their attitudes and mannerism from TV news, or even YouTube. But the limited exposure doesn’t endear them to us like any of those movie stars, or singers do. Before the election, some of my friends were commenting that we only see our politicians in person once every 4 or 5 years before the election, hardly enough to impress a personality into our mind, instead of just a symbol, a name, or a face.

Big Foot, Big Hand, Circus, Kindergarten, Big Monkey, King Kong, Clowns, Lion Tamers, whatever names thrown out from the first Parliament session should not be reasons to cancel the live telecast of Parliament meeting (although, I had not seen the telecast nor any YouTube videos yet). For the sake of a better understanding of the MPs as people by the public, the live telecast should not be cancelled now, it deserves another chance. After all, it’s first day at school, and the children are all excited and jumpy.

The live telecast showing the MPs’ voices, their eloquence or otherwise, their gestures while speaking, arguing, defending, their handling of anger and frustration, their smile, their laughter, their shouting, their reaction to hostile criticism, or praises, etc will help in endearing the MPs to the public as a personality, and thus shorten the distance between the politician and the common people. And of course, should we want to vent our angers and frustration for any wrongdoing, we would also have a clearer image of the person we’re targeting our flying shoes at in our mind.

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Johnny Ong said...

at least i knew my MP and i did help her being a polling and counting agent on the election day.

just go to yr MP's office and get to know the office staff. offer some help in the area of yr expertise and i'm sure they wld be grateful for that.


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