Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rainbow Slide, 2


She opens her eyes …

In front of her, stands a cliff, rising 2 storeys high into the sky. The wall of the cliff is draped by greeneries and dotted by colorful flowers. In the middle of the vivid-colored wall, a waterfall flows down into a lake. Apart from the cliff, the lake is contained within a meadow of green grasses, on which she is standing, soft as clouds. The meadow, in turn, is guarded by a forest of trees, donned with leaves dancing in the wind.

The lake is crystal clear. From where she stands, by the edge of the lake, she can see the bottom of the lake. The clear view is blurred only by glitters on the rippling surface. She feels a connection. It’s an apt reflection on the state of her heart and mind - flickering joy dancing on the surface of calm and peacefulness.

The lake looks blue, but not as blue as the sky above, decorated by a soft-glowing golden sun, and a few white cotton-fluffy clouds, drifting lazily across it. She sees the wavy image of this on the surface of the lake, along with her gaping face in disbelief.

Rising from the middle of the lake are seven bends of vivid colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – arching towards the sky, and curving back to the ground towards somewhere behind the cliff – to her amazement, she’s at the end of a rainbow!

But what transcends her amazement into disbelief, are the children, of around her age, she sees sliding down the rainbow!

It looks all too familiar: she remembers her favourite painting she drawn during one of her art classes.

Amid the sound of water splashing, children laughing, and leaves rustling, a voice rings out behind her, breaking her thought, “Strawberry.“

She turns around, and is greeted by the big watery eyes of a little girl, short hair, dressed in an orange dress. “Huh?” she replies, puzzled.

“You like strawberry, right?” the other girls asks.

“Yes, my favourite fruit, “ she answers. “But how do you know?”

“I can smell it. You give out fragrance of your favourite food,“ sniffing her nose.

She takes a deep breath, “Hmm … Orange?” she asks, tentatively.

The other girl smiles and nods in delight.

Only then does she notice that she is wearing her favourite scarlet dress.

“Where am I?” she asks …

>> to be continued >

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