Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rainy Comfort

"Strolling along country road with my baby. It starts to rain, it begins to fall ..."

Whenever the rain begins to set me into a relaxing mood, the catchy piano introduction of this oldie will echo at the back of my mind. My body will start to swing ever so slightly to the rhythm, and my heart will slide into the happy grooves of the song. A smile will appear.

Nights are but mere phenomena of earth turning her back to the sun, without days; without the sun, the moon would be no more fascinating than the rock at the feet. One feature of the tropical weather that I really enjoy is the rain. Not just any kind of rain.

The day will start through a morning of refreshingly cool air, a blue sky hemmed with white clouds dotting above the surrounding mountain ranges of greens. As I walk into a day as lively as this, a deep breath in will do wonders to the mind, and to life. Energized.

As the sun works itself into the middle of the sky, the clouds will follow suit, and slowly make themselves prominent by pressing heavier towards the earth. Oppressive - is the only description for the heat as I work through the day sweating, the fan being my only cooling device. As evening rolls into the day, the sun will punch its card, as I do, on its way out down the west, and the dark heavy clouds will give in, eventually. Torrential downpour.

The biggest raindrops will come down hard, striking furiously against the roofs of building and cars, sizzling vapour will rise from the scorching surface of the roads, and water level of the drains will overflow. The rain will be so loud it will be the only sound audible, drowning all thoughts with its furore. Within instants the tropical heat will be flushed away, and the air will turn cooling.

"Without an umbrella we're soaked to the skin. I feel the shiver run up, my spine ..."

By the time dinner is finished, the rain will have eased into a drizzle, soft as feathers. The air will have cooled further into the night. A deep breath in will do wonders to the mind, and to life. Peaceful.

The sound that is as soothing as the rain then will be the sweeping fan. The duet of the dropping rain and the humming fan will be joined occasionally by the clicking beats from my keyboard, as my creativity takes a pleasant stroll through lines and lines of words, painting thoughts in my mind. When my fingers are not dancing on the keyboard, the mouse will take over as my helms, surfing over oceans and dropping by all over the world. As I silently sing and swing to my favourite tune of the rain, heavenly joy.

Although, heaven is not where I would like to check in right now. Not when I have two of the dearest angels doing their homework with their mother knitting merrily in the next room.

"Oooh ... I hear laughter in the rain, walking hand in hand with the one I love ..."

Children's laughter - the only clue I have of what heaven's like.

The occasional laughing outburst from my little girl and her younger brother amid their quiet chat while doing homework is the constant source of my blissful smile. Even their intermittent inevitable bickering could not wipe the smile off my face and chase away my happy feeling. A pond, deep blue and peaceful, colorful ripples, in the gentle rain, is my happy heart.

"Oooh ... how I love the rainy days and the happy way, I feel inside ..."


After a week without rain under a hot spell, I miss the rains.



EastCoastLife said...

It was raining cats and dogs on Sunday in Singapore! What a relief! It was so hot the whole week!

Buzzing J said...

Oh,My! Must be a horrible sight, with all the dead bodies lying everywhere, huh??


Life Ramblings said...

i love rainy days too. the rain drops falling feels so refreshing to me. :)

Buzzing J said...

Life Ramblings:
Yeah, especially during these hot spells. I guess rain drops are much better than "sweat drops", huh?

Lil' Monsters, Inc. said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by. But r u for real, my hubby can't stand their bickering! I miss the rain too.

Buzzing J said...

Lil' Monsters, Inc:
I guess I'm for real :)

I think I have a higher tolerance limit towards the kids in term of their bickering. Mainly because I accept it as part of raising kids,
just as I accept the rains and the sun - facts of life. I think I've never asked the question "why can't they treat each other nice all the time?" - because, as siblings, they are not supposed to. I'm not saying there are no exception though.

Having said that, there are instances when I'll blow my top and blow my whistle, put my hand in the middle of them and ask them to go to their respective corners, with a cane too, sometimes.

I have a nine-years-old girl and a seven-years-old boy, the bickering department might be less boisterous than two boys, I guess.

Chinaren said...

Nice and gentle writing there! Puts me in a nice mood.

Buzzing J said...

Very glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the feedback!


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