Monday, March 23, 2009

Putting Something Into Nothing

I have been feeling Zenny since my last post. So I thought I'd give my worldly and lowly 2 cents worth of reflection regarding the Zenness of my last post, which is also my first post - about Zen, in this post.

Please bear in mind that if the journey to enlightenment is a million steps to the west, I'm now at 2 steps to the east, lying on my hammock between two coconut trees, enjoying and admiring the glorious view of the west, while having a sip from my glass of cocktail with a tiny umbrella for inspiration.

So dwell into my words at your own risk. Any bad injuries, physical or emotional, caused by the clumsiness of my words, their un-enlightening nature, their path to noway; you being more lost than before you were lost; you could not find your way back to the proper functioning mind of yours; you bearing physical harm by proclaiming as a Master of Zen through "enlightenment" by my words to others, and hence earn the wrath of your jealous friends, are all none of my business.


Buddha achieved his enlightenment under a Bodhi tree.

Buddhism believes all of us can become a Budha through enlightenment by not looking externally from us, but within us. Through practices, of which meditation is one of many ways, we'll be able to achieve this.

At times, our perception of the true nature of things or events are distorted by our worldly emotions, thus causing us to be confused and unhappy about the state of things or events.

In essence, this is what the senior disciple was trying to convey with his words:

Our body is the tree of Bodhi; our mind, a reflective mirror. We must clean the mirror of our mind diligently to rid it of any dust of worldly thought.


A tree, which is not a tree, is a tree; a mirror, which is not a mirror, is a mirror. When there is no thoughts rippling in your mind as you encounter with things and events, how would it takes on any forms, worldly or un-worldly, when there is none of it?


Bodhi is no tree; the reflection, shone not from a mirror. When all is only Nothingness, upon what will the dust gather?

If I see a person smiling a me, hatred might arise because I might be having a bad day, "What the hell is so happy about today that you have to smile like a fool in front of me?" Without worldly emotions colouring my vision of things or events, I'll be happy to see a person smiling at me, which is a person smiling at me, and I'll smile back. And, in the true sense of Zen, we would need no suppression of our worldly emotions to be able to smile back, because the natural reaction to meeting happiness IS becoming happy.

If I fill a glass with water up to its halfway mark, I will neither say it's half full, nor half empty. I'll say it's a BLOODY GLASS OF WATER, and drink it. Why else would I get a glass of water?

A glass of water, is a glass of water. If I look at the glass of water, and keep trying to figure out whether it's half full or half empty, I'd already by affected by my worldly emotion of the moment - half empty when I'm feeling negative, or half full when I'm feeling optimistic - and I'll remain thirsty. My hand will also be tired for holding the glass too long.


With me so far? Good. 'Cause I'm lost in my own Zenniness, and feeling a little bit of dizziness.

And if you ARE enlightened, in any sorts of way, to whatever degree, by the above craps, please let me know, I'll seriously consider publishing a book on my Zenniness.

Happy Zenning!



Insanely Chay is.... said...

Hahahah love your way of explaining your Zenniness.always love reading your post.Take care.

Buzzing J said...

Insanely Chay:
I'm glad you enjoyed my posts. My posts also thank you for enjoying them.


On a separate note, I think I should shelf my intention to publish my zenniness in a book for the moment. Sigh ...

leechon said...

tell us lah when u publosh ur book=P

Buzzing J said...

Soon enough. Just don't hold your breath waiting for it :)

Unggu said...

you wirte book? you write book nobody wants to read it. you english so cha how to write?

nobody is enlightend by your craps because you says it already. very much craps.

you sshould know. thank you. happy november to you.


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