Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh ... My ... God!

My world almost came to an end the other day – my laptop failed to wake up from its slumber when I gave it a nudge, after nudges, after nudges - I had no internet access!

For a while, “Arghh …. !” was all that came out of my mouth, and I almost went bald from pulling my hair in frustration.

When I came to my senses, I realized that all was not lost. I had two desktop personal computers from the dinosaur age (though my laptop is not much younger than those) sitting in my kids’ study room.

After I made sure that they were “real” computers, which have internet access capability, I had to make a choice as to which one I should “reclaim” while my laptop’s waiting for resurrection.

It didn’t take more than a split second for me to know how to select the fastest machine to save my day.

Following is what this post is all about, and what made my jaw hanging in some sort of disbelief after I realized what I’d done:

I switched on the computers (obviously), double-clicked on the icon with a phone connected to a computer, put in my username and password, pressed “enter”, and double-clicked on the globe-embracing fox. There and then, my world was saved.

Then I logged into my Entrecard account, opened my Inbox, clicked on six cards dropped onto me, and see how long it took for me to drop six cards on each computer.

Entrecard dropping – that’s my main criteria to determine the speed of a computer!

Oh … My … God!

Internet is still the place where I read news, gossips, analysis, gather information, read and write blogs. But it seems that Entrecard’s “responsibility” had over-taken all these to be the main reason for my existence within the cyberspace.

Oh ... My ... God!

On top of what I think Entrecard is in my recent post, I can now add another identity to it – a computer speed tester!

In the event that I need to get a new laptop, I wonder how I would select a perfect laptop? How indeed …



Shea said...

I got my e mail newsletter, green tips, some good, most just expensive, and they said tell your phone company you don't need a phone book, save trees, energy, because we don't need them anymore because of blackberry, internet, I have internet, but all of those other expensive devices I don't and besides that all depends on technology, internet, etc, I checked their feedback, everyone was yeah, and bashing people for using phone books, it just infuriorated me, We use our phone book all the time, maybe I just don't have enough money to be "in" the "green" club, I left a nasty message and unsubscribed,most of their tips, not all, but most were ridiculous and you couldn't do any of it without spending more money, I won't mention the name, but I have to say very charming, but have become self absorbed,snobby, and almost mean

Buzzing J said...

Like I said: Oh ... My ... God!

Audrey said...

Hi got a tag for you @

acura said...

Maybe you should join the Entrecard Anonymous for support lol

Jard The Great said...

LoL...addicted to entrecard?

Dutchie said...

Yes, we tend to rely on a click to get a certain apparatus going without giving it a thought.

This week, my 10mth old percolator died on me. Had a haranging exchange with the shopkeeper but to no avail, even tho there is still 2mths guarantee on it. He claimed customer's fault in wrong usage .. sigh ..

The same evening, my satellite TV went blank ! Went to the dealer the next day n there was a queue of 25 men b4 me - all needing answers ! The laughing party is the seller who says we need a new decoder box or new software for 30 euro's. I felt really cheated bec last year he told me all I needed was a new box bec the one I bought 1.5 year's ago is obsolete. This unscrupulus man charged me 500 euro the first time (satellite dish, decorder box, installation). That same set now cost 199 euro ! I'm still without TV in these long winter nites. Any bright ideas, guys n dames ?


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