Sunday, November 2, 2008

In My Eyes

Graceful, was their movement. Turning their heads, waving their hands, swaying their hips, and floating across the stage were all synchronized seamlessly to accentuate the swinging rhythm of the music echoing around the hall.

Twelve pairs of angelic children, wearing the sweetest smile, were dancing on stage to a catchy tune and to the happiness seemingly glowing on their faces; dancing to the delight of parents watching in the audience.

Their glamorous costumes added vivid colors to the already lively decorated backdrop on stage.

It was the graduation night of my 6-years-old son’s kindergarten.

I was sure about that.

But, I was actually not too sure what the stage looked like, or if it was decorated at all.

I was also not too sure how the other children were dancing on the stage, or if they were just moving their bodies dutifully to the music.

Neither was I sure about the number of children on stage, or the colors of their costumes, or whether they were wearing any costumes at all.

I was also not too sure whether they were smiling, frowning, or even grimacing on the stage.

But I was sure my son was on stage dancing with his classmates in their class presentation.

I was also sure my son was dancing as gracefully as a swan taking a morning sunshine bath on a mirror-surfaced lake.

I was sure he was enjoying himself tremendously.

Despite the distance between us, I was sure I sensed his joy and happiness from being part of the presentation.

Of course, I was also sure other parents did not notice how talented my son was. Perhaps they were even wondering why a rigidly moving boy was dancing with their children.

Happy, was the way my little boy felt that night; and thus, the way I felt.



Ai-Ling said...

hi. i bet u must be proud of your boy. i'll come back and check on more updates :)

Adam said...


Yes, even if he is moving rigidly, he is the most graceful dancer on the stage.

Shea said...

vote democrat!!!!!!!

clair said...

Parents only have eyes for their own kids. Kindy concerts make such cute memories.

Life Ramblings said...

congrats to your son, how fabulous! sounds like it was a great time. You have every reason to look as proud as you do!

lenno_cornish said...

I can only imagine that it's such a pleasure to look at your child dancing on the stage and taking part in presentation. It's great to feel his fancy for this action.


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