Saturday, April 26, 2008

Do you trust me ?

I was reading newspaper while waiting for the technician to finish fitting my new tyres. All the times, I was waiting for the question to pop up.

“Boss, your petrol filter is dirty, you want to change it? It’ll be extra RM 35.00.”

“What the fuck is a petrol filter?” I thought. It never fails to irk me, whenever I bring my car to do one job, the technician will tell me two or three more items that are faulty or dirty and need to be changed or cleansed. What irritates me is the fact that I know next to nothing about the car’s inner working. When they raise the question, I’m never sure whether it’s genuine or they are just trying to get a few more bucks out of my pocket. How much do you trust them?

I woke up this morning, turned on the water tap to rinse after brushing my teeth, trusting the water board people did not suddenly jerk their hand and accidentally put extra chlorines into our water. I took my breakfast, trusting the bread I ate did not contain extra preservative mixed in by bakers who misread the weighing scale. I stepped into my car, started the engine, trusting the mechanics would not accidentally mix up the red wire for the blue wire and short-wire my car to make it explode once I turned the key.

On the street, I went through the crossroad junction with the green light on my side, trusting the driver on the right had a good morning and would not ignore their red light and slammed his car into mine. Similarly, while I was driving, I also trusted the driver behind me did not have a fight with his wife and out of anger step on his accelerator and hit my car’s behind; or the drivers in the cars coming from the opposite direction were not drunk (in the morning? Yeah, why not?) and would not suddenly twist their steering wheel, and slam into my cars head-on.

Out of the car, into the building, I stepped into the lift. I also trusted the technician of the lift to remember putting back every screws after taking them off for service, so that the lift would not suddenly snap and plunge to the ground from 17th floor.

Finished my appointment, I went for lunch. Hungry, I gulped down the delicious food in front of me without much of a thought, trusting the cook wouldn’t just simply put anything that has four legs and their back sky-wards into the food.

After trusting so many people by putting my precious little life in their hands, what’s another RM35.00?

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