Thursday, April 24, 2008


“ … “

For a while, that’s all there is between the two young ladies. Sitting opposite each other, occasionally smiling at each other; looking around, taking sips of the coffee, whilst they waited for their food to arrive. It’s a lively place, a popular hang up place in town for old and young alike.

The place fitted 15 – 20 tables, and it’s almost full. Apart from the two ladies, the rest of the customers were mainly teenagers, young adults, and two or three families. On top of two of the tables are notebooks. One was in front of two adults talking and pointing to the notebook continuously; the other sat in front of a mature looking man moving his mouse, clicking and typing non-stop.

The place was abuzz. “Leng lui!” to attract the attention of the waitress; “Don’t run!” from parents to prevent their kids from falling whilst running around their tables; “Oh my god!”, “Wah-lau-eh!” sprang out in unison between outbursts of laughter from the teenagers and young adults; mixed with “Cha-ching” from the cash register made the place a happy, noisy gathering.

A sudden loud commotion from one of the tables with four teenagers drew the attention and a stare from the manageress. As she turned her attention away from the liveliness, she looked at the two ladies. She knew them, ever since they were teenagers. They were much like the teenagers around then. Those two used to be chatterboxes, lighting up the place with their giggles and laughter when they were around. They were the best of friends. However, lately, they seemed quiet during their get-togethers.

Their food arrived, before putting a fork or spoon onto the food, they took out their handphone and took picture of the dishes. Occasional “nice food”, and “how’s yours?” were the only other words exchanged. They finished their meal seemingly oblivious to the noisy surroundings.

As they settled the bills, they took a few more pictures of the place. Then they bid each other goodbye.

“Keep your blogs updated, OK? I’ll be reading it everyday.”

“Yeah, will do. You too. Bye!”

They are still best of friends, and this was a gathering of two avid bloggers who author personal blogs.

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Johnny Ong said...

yeah, u cld easily identify a blogger in a restaurant easily nowadays. and when i start to take pics of the food, those frens who knew what was i doing will tell those who doesn't know - "for his blog"......haha


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