Thursday, February 10, 2011


That's what it was in the beginning - nothingness.

After a seemingly endless time of straining, two words painstakingly surfaced. They were hardly discernible floating in the darkness emanating from the void. Still, the two words did wonder, having poached the tension of the surface. They started to trickle.

At long last, the void disappeared, swallowed by the bright light flashing from the fusion of six words into an entity.

"I wrote. The void is filled."

There, my desire for creativity was fulfilled. Satisfaction.

Until the next surge ...



EastCoastLife said...

Long time no see!
Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!

lina said...

Yes, long time no see. Happy CNY to you1

Hope the next surge will come soon. :)

Buzzing J said...

ecl, lina:
thanks for the welcoming back.

it's good to be back. just not sure how "back" am i being back :-)

Buzzing J said...

oh ... and a Happy Chinese New Year to all. May the year of Rabbit bring peace and happiness to everyone!

Phil Edwards said...

Enjoyed the post.


Phil E.


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