Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Life is simple. Grow up, make a living, if you feel the need, find a partner in life, make a better living, if you feel like walking alone, that's fine too, if you're adventurous, have a child, and if you're game enough, have children, make an even better living, teach your children to grow up and be independent, learn to let them go, then let them go, grow old and die, presumably life ends then.

Life is simple, when it concerns the "what to do".

When it comes to the "how to do", or "how much", "how good" - life is a bitch.

Life could be a bitch, it's all down to perspective. Shift your angle, the bitch could be a challenge, shift it a little bit more, it could even be interesting. And if you are wise about it, life could be simple.

Life is simple.

I wish.



The Fearless Blog said...

I can relate to this post quite well actually. I have been to at least one funeral every month for the past three months. I am hoping this is not a trend....

Death has been on my mind lately...for obvioous reasons and of course I am getting older....closer to the "simple" you state. Life Simple? Perhaps.... Death as well can be described as simple...the simpleness of death perhaps blinds us in life......

And so my is my new game everyday as if it were a Friday....simple or choose.....but live it fully with intensity...always battling the fear....

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy my visits here? Good wishes being sent your way Buzz.... :>)

Nick Phillips said...

Yup, I have to agree. 'I wish!'

Buzzing J said...

Everyday as a Friday - I like that.

It's always a pleasure to have you here, more so when I see your words.

'I wish!' might be a bit resigned. But I'm sure we try to look at things in lighter and humourous way to simplify it. We try ... and try.

John said...

It depends on your perspective, I suppose. I think acceptance always makes life a bit simpler.

Johnny Ong said...

in the first place, putting up this blogpost doesn't seem to be easy

Buzzing J said...

Acceptance does make life simpler, at the very least it'll keep out noises made by regrets and disappointments.

Setting it up is easy, building it into a 'proper blog' is something else.


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