Thursday, November 26, 2009

So ...

What's on your mind?

Dunno. But it's kind of heavy.

Work? Relationship? Personal? Family?

Hmmm ... sort of a little bit of everything.

That's what they call LIFE ... Hang on, positive heavy or negative heavy.

Not exactly negative, but definitely not bubbly positive. Just heavy.

First time feeling like this?

Nope. It's been a while. In fact, on and off for the past few years, I guess.

A sudden change happened in your life lately?

No ... there's no changes in my life lately. Well, little changes happen all the time here and there, but no, there's no major changes that would throw me into these kinds of heavy thoughts. No, not that.


I suddenly have the realisation that I'm not exactly the captain of my ship in this voyage called LIFE. I was constantly being pulled in all directions except mine. I'm doing things that I may not want to do. I'm not complaining, I understand that's part of life. And sometimes making sacrifices and doing things for others is what happiness is all about. I won't always get to do what I want to do all the times. In fact, I might not want to do what I want to do all the times. That's life.

Seems like you're at peace with where you are right now. What's the problem then?

Well ... I guess the bigger problem than not being the captain of my ship is - without these external pulling factors, I'm not exactly sure where I want to go with this ship of mine ...



EastCoastLife said...

Age is catching up.... still don't know where to go? Don't tell me you thinking of second Spring ah? :P

For the Chinese, second Spring symbolizes the desire to have a second wife. haha....

Buzzing J said...

Aiyah ... know also don't shout-shout mah. ;-)

... maybe in the middle of mid-life crisis ... but not about the spring, ok? :-)


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