Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The tiled roof of the little brick house splashes a warm red against the cold whites on the ground. The greens of the lone pine tree standing guard to the little house blend quietly with the reds and the whites into a perfect picture of winter serenity.

This is her favourite place to visit in search of inner peace. When she is trapped within the four walls of unbearable sadness, when stress comes close to suffocation, when she can't muster another strand of energy to take another step forward in her quest, this is the place to seek solace, nourish her strength, resuscitate her heart in despair, and take a much-needed rest. This is where the world around her stops spinning.

She could almost see traces of smoke billowing softly from the chimney on the roof. Through the wood paned windows of the little house, she could almost see the light emanating from the firewood. How peaceful it must be lying by the warmth of the fireplace in the winter cold - with a book she loves in her hand, and within the vicinity of her loved ones. Oh, how she yearns for the embrace of such warmth.

As her mind is taking a leisure stroll into the placid whites of the winter world, she is slowly leaving her worries and anguish behind. Or perhaps the snow has prevented them from hurting her by burying them deep within the ground.

There is nothing more soothing than the image currently being reflected in the mirror of her eyes. No, there is one ... She gives the quiet world a little shake.

The snow lifts itself from the ground and swirls around the little house and the tree. They are dancing elegantly to the silence of winter. When the swirling stops, the winter whites drop softly towards their resting place again. Winter has just got slightly livelier and more captivating being showered by the falling snow. She pictures herself standing in the middle of it, stretching her arms wide to welcome the falling grace. Some rest on the roof of the house, some on the top of the tree, though most will fall back to the comfort of the ground. She takes a deep breath. She could almost smell the cold air and the snow.

She promises herself she will one day stand in front of just such a house and next to just such a tree on just such a snow-covered ground. She promises herself she will work hard towards this dream. Like the snow slowly thickening its blanket over the ground, hope fills her heart, and thereby burying her angst.

As she looks longingly into the winter globe by her bedside, her imagination continues its journey into the winter land. While the warmth of the tropical night dries her tears, tiredness gently put weight on her eyelids. Her breathing gradually draws longer and deeper, and she softly closes her eyes ...



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Sibel said...

I started reading your story, and visualize every description, and was immersed into the since, until the last paragraph, I stop, read it again, and realize the unexpected, She lying, a snow globe in her hand. The whole thing rewind it and played back. Well done.

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