Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blog Ownership

When do you start owning a blog?

If the answer is when we register with a blog hosting company, free or otherwise, gives it the sexiest name that comes to mind, picks a template and Voila!, then this would be a very short post. Although, right now, after one week and two days from my last post, post of any length will do for me.

If the answer to the question has not appeared thus far, I would think the next step of putting some sorts of post in the blog would not really confer the ownership of the blog to the publisher either.

In my opinion, half the ownership to a blog will be acquired when the blog has its first reader. After all, what's the purpose of a blog without readership?

The other half of the ownership would come from ... guilt!

Some blog to make money, some blog to make friends, some blog to journalise their lives, some blog to share their experiences, and I blog to for the sake of my creativity, after I've failed to make any money out of it. Though I care about readership, I don't really care much about stuff like page rank, or rather I've stopped caring about stuff like page rank.

However, with readership, comes expectation.

I used to put up a post twice every week. But as work and family commitment are getting more demanding, I've started to post once every week. I feel that a week should be the longest spell between posts for a "regularly-updated" blog. But lately, work and family commitment are starting to get real stingy in allotting times for my blogging activities, and I have been stretching my dormant spell a little bit. When I don't meet my self-imposed deadline, as usual, I feel a sense of guilt.

Ever since I have started to feel this kind of guilt some times ago, I started to feel like I own a blog.

In my opinion, with readership and responsibility, comes ownership of a blog.

Now, it would be easy to abandon this blog for the sake of work and family in terms of priority, fortunately I'm not at that stage yet. Therefore, the guilt is allowed to stay and torment me. I needed a post.

Friends, I don't purposely blog to make. But, a few, I've made nonetheless. A friend in need, is a friend indeed. And the serendipity of life is being kind to me on the day that I felt compelled to publish a post.

For this edition of my post, I'd six or seven potential materials waiting in line to get published, after they were polished, if I could polish them in time. However, they were playing hide-and-seek with me, and they're good at it too, hiding that is. But a comment in my last post bowled all these elusive materials away with a strike.

So, I own a blog, and yesterday I felt a great sense of satisfaction of owning a blog too.

While I was still scratching my head for a post yesterday, out of the blue, my day was saved when I was given an award - my blog is being loved! And it's said in a language I probably can't twist my tongue around too -

J'Adore tien Blog!

That means I Love Your Blog, in French!

An award is an award, but receiving it from an accomplished writer like Patsy from Patsy's Words of Wisdom makes this award ultra-satisfactory for this "writer" (to tag myself as such without blushing, the best I can do is wrapping it with apostrophes). It's one thing that she drops by my blog often, it's another when I realise she actually reads what I wrote, and it's yet another when I find out my blog is actually worth an award from her!

Patsy's Words of Wisdom is one of the blogs that I frequented. I can always pick up a quote from her that'll put a smile on my face, open up my mind, plunge me into deep thoughts, provide me with a different angle on life, or light up a bulb in my head. I do admire her writing style. It's always worth five minutes of my blogging time on her blog.

So, once again. Thanks for the award, Patsy! And thanks for saving my day by giving me an award to fill this post.

However, I'll break the usual rules here and keep the awards for now - too tired to go through all my favourite blogs and pick a few, my mind hurts.

Instead, I'll be lazy and just say -

J'Adore tien Blog! And that means I love your blog, in French!

And you know who you are!



yoon see said...

Congrats on the award:)
You really deserve it, when i pass by dropping EC, I will read on your post.
Sometimes never comment but I care to read. Thanks, it's very meaningful!
I do agree with you Buzzing J, when we are busy, it's really hard to keep up posting!
Same like you, I have less posting due to business.

Buzzing J said...

yoon see:
Thank you. Nice having you here.

Norfadli said...

well that life...we never had a free time for ourselves....visit and smile

EastCoastLife said...

Congrats! You deserve it.
Have a lovely weekend!

Buzzing J said...

That's right. You know what they say ... c'est la vie! ... Oh, look! Another phrase in French!

Thanks. And you have a nice weekend too!

i_wander said...

hi. blogwalking here... your blog is interesting! ^_^ btw, congrats on the award!!!

yoon see said...

Thanks for your kind words brother Buzzing J.
I really appreciate it!

Canadian Mark said...

Very grabbing post. I've run a similar relationship with my blog for the past 4 years. You've done well in putting in words what I'm sure many blog owners (myself included) feel.

Oh, and congrats on the award.

wenn said...

hi, congratulation!

Buzzing J said...

Enjoy your walk!

yoon see:
Hi again!

Canadian Mark:
4 years is quite an achievement. Nice having you here.

Nice having you here. Thanks.

Diziette said...

Congratulations with the award. You write very well.

Rate Watcher said...

Congrats on the award.

I don't see anything wrong with blogging once a week, as long as your entries are thoughtful and interesting. I think blogging for blogging's sake is a mistake.

Kikit said...

Hey, thanks for advertising on my page so I can find your site.

Based on your definition, I think I own a blog too. Because I care about my readers (they're not that many actually) and I feel guilty if I can't blog for a long time.

And I agree with Rate. I go for "interestingness" than nonsense blogging.


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