Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Is My Blog

Here we are again, you and me. Yes, you. You, the beautiful people, and me. Actually, this me is not really me. It's me of the past.

Are you frowning already? Don't be. This is a very special moment to be cherished. As in many occasions, we are now connected. My thoughts are now entering your mind letter by letter, word by word and sentence by sentence.

Don't yawn just yet.

Take some times to marvel at the technology that gives us cheap phone calls, let us explore any place on earth, makes us an expert in any topic, enables us to diagnose any symptom, renders redundant the paper headed by "news" and allows my thoughts to travel a varying distances in space and traverse the different spectra of time from the rotten mind of mine to the bored mind of yours with just two clicks of the mouse - mine to "publish", yours to land here.

So, you're listening to the past-me rambling. Where's the present-me? Probably playing sport with my kids at the park, or enjoying ice cream with them, or chatting with my wife over a cup of coffee or tea, or having a pleasant dinner with my family in a nice restaurant, or watching some favourite comedies or movies on TV, or having a sound sleep snoring in my bed, or maybe, like you, having nothing better to do, sitting in front of the computer letting your thoughts from, you know, the past-you occupy territories in my imagination.

There isn't any better place to be, I'm sure you would agree, than sitting right where you are, or I am, and without exuding so much of a single drop of sweat, go to hundreds different places around the world and visit thoughts from hundreds different people with different backgrounds who grew up in different eras by different kinds of upbringing within different societies under different cultures. By the same reasoning in reverse, if I were to ask about the scenery outside your window, I would likely get answers as diverse as freezing blizzard to torrential tropical rain, monotonous white to luscious greens, woody forest to concrete jungle, tree-lined avenue to other high-rise units' windows, bright blue sky to dark cool night, bright sunlight to soft moonshine, or maybe you just don't have a window.

Don't go just yet! I'm about done.

So, what do you have outside your window? Don't answer. Actually, I don't care. If you're reading this, you're probably in a comfortable position regardless of the weather outside. But are you enjoying this moment with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine? Wait! I don't care either, as long as you're still reading.

And everywhere ...

What? We have passed 450 words already? Good. Have I driven my point across?

Yes, of course this post has a point for delivery. Didn't you read the title?



Mei Teng said...

Nice flow of words you've got here! Yup, with the get access to so much these days at the click of a button. The only setback's the abuse of internet and modern technology.

Buzzing J said...

Mei Teng:
Internet IS a powerful technology. Just imagine what would happen if we woke up one day and find that internet is non-existent!

I guess with something this pervasive, abuses are inevitable.


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