Thursday, January 22, 2009

To My Regular Readers

My 100th post is coming up.

I'm not one who would excitedly jump up and down in celebration of such trivia. No confetti, no firecrackers, and no marching band. But, it will be a milestone none the less.

For someone whose interest in writing was as intense as the warmth of moonshine in a freezing winter night; for someone who exercised his fingers on the TV remote control more than the pen or the keyboard; for someone who had never lifted a pen without the blade of academic grades at his neck, and the noose of dateline above his head; for someone who used the pen as a doodling tool more than a writing tool; for someone whose fingers danced on the keyboard more for resume, reports than for creative expressions; this IS indeed going to be a milestone. *applause* Thank you. *blush*

It doesn't matter what I churned out is not cream of any sorts. But to me, every one of them is a masterpiece. I can hear you laugh. I surprised even myself that so many words had oozed from my brain, fell into sentences, lined into paragraphs and got "published" for others' reading pleasure, or torture. And I didn't have a blade or a noose in sight. I'm actually enjoying the process.

But, of course, the satisfaction of my journey in writing would never had surfaced if not for you guys, my regular readers. Again, I can hear the laughter. But, if you're still here with me. Thanks anyway.

With this post, firstly, I want to express my most sincere gratitude to my most rock solid faithful readers, who has stood by me since the early stages of my writing adventure; read every word I typed, frown at all the rypos typos, giggle at my choices of structure-made-from-variable-numbers-of-alphabet, sigh at my grammatical mistakes, smile at the so-called humour, get excited in seeing me trying out different twist and turn in my writing, and laugh with me at the punchline. As a gesture of my gratitude, I promise I'll get around during the coming Chinese New Year break to take down the long obsolete 2008 calender, dust off the picture frames and the clock, remove all the unused blu-tacks, and I'll even repaint you, yes, all four of you, if time permits.

And how could I forget you, the reflective one. I promise not to be forgetful again and keep assuming you had laser vision to see through those drapes. And thank you for the scenic view that at times provides me with much inspiration. And your wooden friend, who has been firm in keeping out the distracting TV in the next room from my frail mind.

And of course, to you, who has been soothing when the going get hot and humid. When I feel too frustrated in this sometimes unbearable tropical weather to continue, your cooling wind always calms me down. We've got to do something about the squeaky sound when you sweep the room from side to side.

And most importantly, you. Yes, YOU! YOU with the white T-shirt; YOU with the long silky hair; YOU with the mesmerising smile; YOU with the gorgeous looking eyes; YOU with the pretty blue dress; YOU with the macho moustache; YOU, who are sitting too close to this screen; YOU, who are slouching; YOU, with your chin on your hand; You, who have spent 9 hours in front of the laptop; and the rest of YOU, who are reading this sitting on your chair. A big THANK YOU!

And if you're reading this standing up, you are probably my first "irregular" reader. Congratulations!

Even though you might not leave any trace in my blog. I know you're here - I think - reading this and all the previous posts - I hope. And if you're here for the first time. Welcome!

To all my readers who don't need a paint job, a cleaning or an oiling, I hereby wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year. To those who are not celebrating Chinese New Year, a heartfelt thanks in advance to you for your well wishes to me : )

To all my regular EC droppers, Chinese New Year is coming up, I'll be away from the computer for a break, and the madness in Entrecard dropping will relent for a few days. I'll see you all in a few days.

During the break, I'll drag my soul into the interrogation room, blind him with a 10000 watts spotlight, and beat the crap out of him. Hopefully, after some soul-searching I'll be able to write on why I write, why I blog, why I hate onions, why I never get around to exercise, why I dislike the dark, why I like to smile, why I pick my nose, why I ....

Until then,

Happy Chinese New Year!



Da Old Man said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you, and congrats on the 100th post

Jena Isle said...

That would be quite an achievement! Congrats. I just posted mine in one of my blogs. I couldn't believe it. Time passes by so swiftly. Happy Chinese new year too. All the best.

EastCoastLife said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Waiting to congratulate you. :)

EastCoastLife said...

Check on my blog for the River Hongbao festivities. Association of Bloggers (Singapore) hope to bring some CNY joy to our bloggers all over the world!

If you plan to come down to Singapore for a short trip during this festive season, visit me hor.

I'll be there every night for 9 nights to greet bloggers from Singapore and all over the world. Please help me spread the message.

*lynne* said...

congrats on the upcoming 100th post!

and have a great Chinese new year! Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Congrats on reaching the 100th post. Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and family.

Life Ramblings said...

happy chinese new year to you and your family.

kruel74 said...

Have a good CNY. Found you through entrecard recently and found your posts interesting. Have a good one...

nipsy said...

Ha, blogger just tried to stop me from posting on here. It's a conspiracy I swear. Well, I'm a first time, will definitely be back reader. Well put, very well put. Now amidst all the soul torturing, don't forget to enjoy yourself some as well.

the fearless blog said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you!!!!

Enjoy the time off and as always it has been a pleasure to read this post. :)

There is a creative writer in you after all! ;)

iWalk said...

It's Chinese new Year' eve today!

I hope you a Happy 牛 year!


webbielady said...

congratulations and happy 2009 for chinese calendar.

but why do you hate onions? i love the smell but of course if it stays after eating, that is gross!

Abhijit Bangal said...

Congrats for the posts. You are now a centurian after Sachin Tendulkar. Keep up the good work.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Happy New Year and especially your 100th POST J.

now get to dustin, cause I can barely see out these windows over here.. Hey Hey, Is That You ??

Franklin said...

A bravo of a new years post :) All the best from now on... to the 1000th post and beyond ;)

Buzzing J said...

It's certainly a pleasant surprise to find all you guys here. Thanks for stopping by and all the well wishes. Your times and words in this blog really mean tonnes to me.

Thank You!!


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