Saturday, August 23, 2008


“Hahahahahaha …” my 6-years-old boy giggled.

I looked at him, caught surprised.

“Hahahahaha …” he giggled again. In an instant, I was infected by his laughter, “Hahahahaha … “ I giggled too.

“Hahahahaha …” my 8-years-old little girl, sitting at the back of the car, joined us.

After a short pause, I turned and looked at him again. Our eyes met and, “Hahahahaha …”. We all laughed, again, louder with each round.

The rounds of laughter were started by the simplest of remark on a most ordinary incident.

We were driving through heavy rain. As I overtook a slow truck on a two-lane road, the truck went over a puddle of water and caused a big wave of water splashing onto our car’s left side, where my boy was seated at the front. Casually, I said to my boy, “Wah! Lucky you had the window up, otherwise the water will make you wet.” My boy looked at me, thought for a short while and burst out giggling.

I was surprised by the outburst.

The remark was not meant to be a joke, an observation on what might have happened at best. But his laughter of pure and innocent happiness out of the simplest of happening caught me by surprise, not for the first time. And the subsequent laugh-pause-look-and-laugh-pause-look-and-laugh brought me great happiness.

Lately, my little boy and me are sharing more and more of this spontaneous instance, where reproduction in any form to anyone but us would fail to describe the feeling of the moment.

I truly enjoy and cherish these special moments with my children. Though, I can’t remember having many of this special moment with my little girl, for whatever reason. Though I must admit, I have a very short memory span. Probably, as my little girl is getting older, she is having more questions and uncertainties regarding everyday happenings, or probably pressure from school is getting heavier each day. She seems to be less carefree than my little boy during his age. Or probably my little boy is just more playful. It will bring me great joy and comfort if I can inject more carefree spirit into her being.

At that particular moment, laughter drowned out the sound of pattering rain. To me, heaven came upon us in that car, and worldly thoughts had not a single gap to fill.

Words would fail me in trying to describe my happy feeling from these moments that we share. But, assuming there’s no negative implication to my loved ones, I could have just died at that point in time, and have no regrets. Truly.

I am a simple man.

Now that I didn’t die at that moment, I will pray and hope and wish that for years to come, I will get to enjoy more of these spontaneous moments with my children, and that we’ll be laughing so heartily into their teenage years, or maybe even adulthood.


Falcon said...

Thats so sweet....

The Fearless Blog said...

Oh the magic of laughter. The more we laugh...the longer we live. As we age, I think we laugh less and stress more. What a shame.

I often say that having children saved me, really saved me. My boys provided a grounding for me I would not have found otherwise. And you are right. When those "perfect" moments arise and I see the magic they hold, the innocent, carefree joy in their hearts, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be alive and to share my life with them.

This is a beautiful piece.

clair said...

Great post :) I have some of the best times in the car with my kids too when I'm doing my Mom's taxi runs. We talk a lot, laugh a lot, makes for some beautiful memories.

.olivia.LEIGH. said...

Aw that's sweet. I liked that post.

Johnny Ong said...

tat's a nice family moment

ga.farmwoman said...

I love those simple moments. It is those little things you will remember most when the children are so much older and have children of there own. I know.
Great post.
Have a good day!

Mik said...

That is why it is fun having the grand kids around, their laughter is infectious.

Apple said...

It's a blessing to watch your own kids with that innocent laughter.


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